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Smallville: Writer/Producer Brian Peterson spills on the proposal, Darkseid and Masquerade

We caught up with Smallville EP Brian Peterson during the CW winter press tour party and asked him a few of your questions.

CW: I loved that proposal scene. Whose idea was it?
BP: Well, we wanted to go with something which is very quintessential and simple because before when we've done proposals they have been huge and sci-fi and we felt like this really needed to be a moment that anybody could relate to. What was fun about it was that Lois is the most difficult person in the world to propose to, so we decided to have Superman actually catching her in a moment that is quintessentially Lois Lane.

CW: So are we going to see a wedding?
BP: (Laughs) It's a little too early to tell.

CW: Let's talk about this whole anti-heroes plot. What was the inspiration to go that way, to have everyone hate our heroes?
BP: It felt like it was a time when all of our heroes had actually taken the internal step in one way or another to step out and to be a hero in some way and rather than all the internal struggles that they've been having in the past now they face the backlash of what that actually means, all the ramifications and the consequences of what it means to come out as a hero and what they're going to have to face. So the vigilante registration act is really kind of a metaphor for what they face when they come out as super-heroes.

CW: Anything that you can tease about Darkseid?
BP: We kind of have a little bit more of a slow burn there. There's a Darkseid episode where we have Desaad, who is one of his minions -- episode 14, Masquerade. That's a really fun episode with Desaad and some mind-bending situations with Chloe. The first couple of episodes back are really different and very interesting. I think that they have a lot of super-hero moments, but also some very pointy moments about our heroes clashing with the VRA. We kind of wrap up that storyline by Masquerade, and we're moving on with other things.

CW: There's a rumor that on Masquerade we're going to see Clark wearing his glasses.
BP: Clark's identity will be a huge part of this final run, both as Clark Kent and as The Blur, leading to the hero we all know.

CW: I have to ask about Chloe coming back and if we're going to see more of Chlollie.
BP: There is definitely some Chlollie, but Chloe's role is not just about their relationship. She has a much bigger arc in her returning episodes.

So what do you think? Talk about it in the comments!

-- Catalina Walsh


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Thank you bringing LL back!No one can do justice to the role other than Michael. The series was EPIC. Thank you for a wonderful DVD collection!
I will treasure it 4ever!
All of the writers, producers, staff, workers and of course, actors made Smallville the EPIC show it is. Thx, Thx, Thx

I am so very sad that this fantastic series is coming to an end.
Now that we've seen Clark Kent and all of his buddies evolve from young teens in Smallville to the Super Heros of Metropolis and the world, will you please at least consider a "Superman" series to follow the comic? A lot of us would love it!

Thanks for the ride...it's been great!


When does clark were's the superman suit that will be exciting...

P.S Smallville rules it's the best show it can still go on but it's not because it's the final season so sad it finishing..........

Thank you for this great interview with Brian. Loved all your questions.


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