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Supernatural: Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Sorry, Sam -- even the Puppy Dog Eyes can't erase what you did

The boys revisit an old case of Sam's on Supernatural, and, as you'd expect, things go horribly wrong. Granted, they didn't know it was one of Sam's old cases at first, but still -- they couldn't see the horribly-wrongness coming? Because we sure did.

The case of the missing brunettes
Sam gets a text message containing "mysterious coordinates from a mysterious Mr. X leading to a mysterious town," and, despite Dean's instincts, they go check it out. It seems several women have disappeared -- and that a year ago, several men disappeared. So a year ago, Soulless Sam and Grampa Campbell came to check things out.

This, of course, causes complications. For one, comely brunettes seem to be eyeing Sam -- more than usual, we mean. For another, he beat a deputy to a bloody pulp on the way out of town, and that deputy remembers Sam, even if Sam doesn't remember him. Into the pokey you go, Sam!

On the upside, he gets a visit from Brenna, the wife of the former sheriff, who disappeared when Sam was last in town. Sam and Gramps actually told Sheriff Roy and Brenna about Hunting, so Brenna wants more details than most. But she trusts Sam enough to sneak him out of jail and get him files from the case.

Read on for the ugly truth about Soulless Sam and more, after the jump.

The common thread
Meanwhile, Dean is interviewing the friends and relatives of the missing, and he discovers they had only one thing in common: Sam. It seems that just because Soulless Sam didn't sleep, it didn't mean he couldn't sleep around. Dean, much to his chagrin, is almost impressed.

Of course, Sam hasn't stayed put and out of danger. He visits Brenna, and something is watching him with with multifaceted eyes. Sam sees the evidence and gets a flashback -- he and Gramps were hunting an arachne, or Greek spider monster. No, they have no idea how to trap it, or kill it, or even find it. But Soulless Sam has an idea on that last one...

"My God, son, you're about as cold as they come"
The arachne is targeting mid-30s guys, so neither Sam nor Gramps can draw it out. Sheriff Roy, on the other hand, fits the profile, so Sam sends him out to be... well, bait, actually. What's worse, he neglects to tell Roy this part of the plan.

Roy gets snatched and neither Gramps nor Sam saw where he went. Not to worry-- Soulless Sam enabled the GPS on Roy's cell phone, so they can track the arachne to her lair! Even Gramps is taken aback:

Grampa Campbell: So Roy's just some Redshirt to you, just spiderbait?
Soulless Sam: Of course not. This is my backup plan.
Grampa Campbell: My god, son, you're about as cold as they come, you know that?

Just wait, Gramps -- it gets worse. Because yay, they manage to kill the spider ("Well, I guess decapitation works"), but Sam has no intention of saving Roy, or the other five men who are still alive and wrapped up in webs. The poison's already killing them, and there's nothing we can do, he reasons. Really, the kindest thing would be to put them out of their misery. Gramps can't look as Soulless Sam calmly, coldly shoots each of the men in the head -- even Roy, who begs to be spared. Yikes.

Spidey senses tingling
Back in the here and now, Brenna calls Sam and asks for a little get-together. Sam knows something's up. He's right: When the boys find Brenna in the (palatial) shed, she asks Sam "What you did to Roy, is it true?" Because guess what -- Roy's alive, and he's arachne'd. Seems the Spider Woman wasn't interested in feeding, she was interested in breeding. the men weren't human when Sam shot them and burned the bodies, so they survived. Roy spent the ensuing year dreaming of ripping Sam's throat out for what he'd done.

Fortunately, Dean managed to break free of the web before Roy decides whether to kill or turn Sam. And, with a little help from Brenna, Sam gets free as well... and lops off Roy's head. He tries to apologize for it -- and for the whole killing him in the first place -- but unsurprisingly, Brenna wants nothing to do with him.

The aftermath
All through the episode, Sam has been having flashbacks to his soulless year. Dean is, of course, seriously worried, but Sam tells him to calm down. Yeah, Sam? You should have listened. We end the episode with Sam having a seizure as he remembers his time in Hell, with the flames licking his face. This can't be good...

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends
Seriously, guys -- there are other Hunters out there. You really, really shouldn't have taken this case. At the very least, once you realized Soulless Sam had already muddied this well, you should have gotten the hell out of Dodge.

Sam is catching up on what he missed out on for the past year:
Sam: So Mel Gibson really took a turn this past year, huh?
Dean: Or he's possessed. Seriously, think about it.

Dean rescues a clueless Sam from a woman who's asking what happened to his old partner:
Dean: Sex rehab. You've heard of plushies, right?

Dean: One of dad's rules? You never use the same crapper twice.
Sam: Everyone uses the same crapper twice.
Dean: Not us. … you know what I mean.

Brenna: What is this, Days of Our Lives? Are you telling me you have some sort of amnesia?
No, Brenna, that's Dean -- or at least Jensen -- who was on Days. Nice shout out, though.

Things start going horribly wrong:
Dean: I hate to say I told you so....
Sam: You love to say i told you so.

Dean: We know this is a monster with opposable thumbs and unlimited text messaging, and we know it wants to kill you specifically.

Soulless Sam's attempt at empathy was even more chilling than he disregard for humanity. "Killing this thing saved a lot of lives," he tells Roy as he prepares to kill him. "We couldn't have done it without you. You're a hero."
We have a feeling that Roy wasn't impressed by the praise -- especially as Sam then put a bullet through his head.

Roy strikes back at Sam not just by capturing him, but by revealing that all six of the men Soulless Sam "killed" survived and ran off to terrorize other places.
Roy: You killed one monster, but you made so many more. Congratulations.

Sam agonizes about the sorts of things he did while he was soulless:
Dean: All that crap last year, all of it -- none of it was you.
Sam: Let's be crystal clear, ok? It was me.

What's going to happen to the boys now? Is this just a momentary flashback for Sam, or is he about to relive his year in hell? Do you think Dean was surprised by just how cold Soulless Sam was? Were you? Talk about it in the comments!


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anybody else see the promo for next week? surely this is a momentary thing but I think its gonna be an ongoing thing. I personally think that supernatural hell is rather creative (note sam's red opposite to dean's green) and I'm game for seeing more heart wrenching visions of horror

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