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Supernatural: The perils of plastic

"Dean?" "Quiet Sam -- I'm totally going to win this staring contest."

Perhaps we've been spoiled by Plastic!Winchester Theater, or maybe we kept flashing back to the hauntingly similar scary scenario on Doctor Who , but this episode of Supernatural didn't quite do it for us. Come on, show, killer mannequins! How could you go wrong?

Sam in hell
We ended last week with Sam remembering a bit of his time in hell, which causes seizures and freaks Dean out. Sam was only out for a couple of minutes, but it felt like weeks to him. Dean is more convinced than ever that Sam has to repress the past to stay alive, and he won't let Sam argue the point. Sam? We're kind of with Dean, here.

Man-killing mannequin
Let's face it, anatomical models are inherently creepy, even if there isn't a ghost or an alien signal involved. So when we saw that mannequin's creepy eyes move to follow its victim… brr! Add in plastic stalkers at the mannequin plant, and we were expecting some primo scares.

Read on for Ben's deception, the most nervous interview ever, and the violation of the Metallicar, after the jump!

Well, not so much. Yeah, the magically appearing head wound on the victims was spooky, and the thought that these plastic people were moving behind everyone's backs was scary, but the mystery just wasn't there. Rose used to work at the mannequin factory, then she disappeared. The first victim used to work there, too. How difficult was it to figure out that Rose was a vengeful ghost?

Granted, it helped that Johnny was " the most suspicious interview of all time," and that he folded like a cheap suit as soon as Sam (and a killer mannequin) confronted him. But really, it's just that old, familiar tale: Guys mock girl, guys lure girl to an apartment thinking she's meeting a secret admirer, guys accidentally kill girl, guys dump girl's body in an unmarked grave, girl's ghost comes back to kill guys who killed her by possessing inanimate objects.

But while this is going on, Dean gets (and finally answers) a call form Ben, who needs his help. Something's wrong with mom! I need you here right away! Dean scampers back to Lisa, and discovers that what's "wrong" is that she's dating a guy Ben doesn't like, and Ben would much prefer Dean to come back. Come on, Ben, did no one ever tell you about the Boy Who Cried Ghoul?

Dean and Lisa have a heart-to-heart, which involves both of their hearts being shredded again. Yes, Lisa still loves him, but she can't take waiting for the call that says he died in some horrible fashion. Yes, Dean still loves Lisa, but he can't stand putting her in danger, leaving her in the lurch, and basically screwing up her life. And yes, Ben blames himself for the split, and there's very little Dean can do about it -- well, except for listen to Ben yell at him for walking out on his family. Ouch.

The twist
Sam torches Rose's body, so all is well, right? Again, not so much -- it seems Johnny has a love mannequin at home, and Rose manages to possess it and kill him. To which we can only say: Dude. The guy had a love mannequin. We pretty much knew he had to die as soon as we saw her. Also, ew.

Sam goes back to Rose's sister and asks what sort of item or keepsake she still has from the dead girl. Nothing really… except for the kidney she donated. Doh! Sam and Dean meet up to try to figure out how to handle this, and Rose takes the opportunity to possess the Metallicar and send it after Dean. WE KNOW. THE METALLICAR. UNACCEPTABLE! Dean is similarly outraged ("You leave my baby alone, she's got nothing to do with this!"), and heartbroken when he has to trick Rosetallicar into smashing into a building. Somehow, glass from the broken window skewers Rose's sister, so she dies, which takes Rose with her. Yay?

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends
Sam and Dean argue about stirring up Sam's past:
Sam: Dean, I might have done who knows what, and you want me to just forget about it?
Dean: You shove it down and you let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism.
Sam: That sounds healthy
Dean: It works for me…

The guys discuss the case:
Dean: Patterson, New Jersey. Hey, maybe we'll have a Snooki sighting!
Sam: What's a Snooki?
Dean: That is a good question.
Is it wrong that we'd actually consider a year in hell if we could have all knowledge of Snooki erased for our memories?

Dean has fun fiddling the the anatomical model, removing organs and holding up the plastic heart to beg Sam to be his Valentine. Heh! But what's even better is what came up later:
Sam: Wait -- that anatomy dummy you were molesting at the lab…
Dean: Excuse me?
Sam: What if that's what this is about?
Dean: What exactly are you accusing me of?
Considering they have an angel/trickster whose afterlife is in porn, it's a valid question.

We loved Dean's "Plants vs Zombies" reference when he went up to talk to Ben: "Well, that's ridiculous -- plants could never kill a zombie!" Indeed, it's the other way around. We do, however, wonder what he'd have to say about the realism of angry birds taking out pigs.

Best line: "So, that the girl with the haunted kidney?"

What did you think? Were you as underwhelmed as we were, or are we being too critical? Talk about it in the comments!


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SPN has really gone downhill since season 5. I really wish they would've ended it there. This show had intricate story lines, nail-biting cliff-hangers, and in-depth developments of characters and plot. Everything built up to something else. That WAS SPN is a nutshell.

And now, we get episodes that barely can keep our attention for the hour they are on. Dragons? Fairies? Come on. Luke-warm plots and two hot guys just aren't going to cut it.

RIP Original Supernatural.

I enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed the brotherly moments (except for the heartbreaking beginning, poor Dean). I liked that we have hopefully seen the last of Lisa and Ben. I am enjoying this second half of the season much more than the first ten episodes. Bring on Dean and Sam as Jenson and Jared.

Loved the 5 minutes total of brother moments. HATED the reinsertion of Lisa and Ben into the storyline. Does Sera Gamble get paid more when they appear? Please leave these cardboard characters behind once and for all. It was a DOA storyline that dragged ratings down. Now that the brothers are back together and on the same track, please feature more of them working together and lose the faux romance.

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