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The Vampire Diaries: Chaos Theory

"Every show on The CW has someone who can sing. Didn't you know that?"

We don't even know where to start on this week's The Vampire Diaries. How can they bundle so much credibility-defying awesomeness into one ep? That's got to be a super power of some sort.

Katherine's so very happy to be out of the tomb, and we can't say we blame her. She's also eager to convince everyone that she's on their side which is hilarious and, if true, only with a twist. P.S. We don't think it's true.

We think that the Mystic Falls gang did not anticipate how angry Luka's father would be after they staked Elijah. He kinda went a lil' loco and didn't use very prudent judgment. Instead of doing the smart thing by joining forces with our local version of the Mystery Machine kids, he decided to thwart them and try to resurrect Elijah. Terrible idea.

Sending Luka's invisible yet interactive form into the Salvatore's house, really? Whatever could go wrong? Of course Katherine sees the dagger trying to be pulled out of Elijah's chest. Of course she tries to stop it. The sounds of doom for Luka are getting closer, can you hear them? So Luka's dad, using his irrational and terrible wisdom of the moment, tells Luka that it's Katherine not Elena he's dealing with, and to find a stake and stake her. So he does, but misses her heart. Now, any rational parent would call it a day and pull his kid out of the peril he was in. Try again another time, perhaps. Not Daddy Dearest.

Once Katherine calls for help, Damon shows up with a flamethrower (what?) and starts torching the room. Which...causes real Luka to catch fire. And then, you know, die. Guess who his dad blames? Himself! No, just kidding.

Meanwhile, all the other human and witch types are at the Grill, enjoying the live band. The grill is packed! A perfect recipe for chaos caused by an irrational, grief-stricken, and powerful warlock. He's not there yet, though. For the time being, we get to hear Caroline singing The Bangles' "Eternal Flame," and get a big satisfying kiss from Matt when she's done. Awwww. They then go to the ladies' room to make out. An awesome idea in a packed bar, BTW. Caroline and Matt are happy and together again! Wonder how long that lasts? Literally moments. An epic love this is not, we're afraid.

Jenna is hanging with Elena and her crew for a girls' night out because she's still hurt and pissed that Alaric won't come clean about Isobel's demise. Which we're not so sure why she has such insensitive curiosity, but whatevs. Didn't uncle John promise to make that all go away if he got his ring back? Later that evening, Alaric tells Jenna that he can't tell her the truth because it's not his to tell, but that he loves her (!). To which she replies with a slightly conflicted stare and a, "Good night Ric." Boo.

So back to the insane Magic Man. He's on the hunt for Elena, so he shows up at the Grill. Dad gets more and more antagonized talking to Bonnie (but gave her her powers back for some reason), and starts doing things like making all of the lightbulbs burst and setting the bar on fire. Everybody leaves in a quick flash.

They manage to get Elena out, but not before he attacks Matt fatally, shoving a broken bottle into the side of his neck. Hmm, what a quandary Caroline was in. Oh well, the few moments of Matt bliss were sweet while they lasted. So she chose to heal him by making him drink her blood rather than watching him die. Really quite a rational thing to have done, but she's mistaken if she thinks he's going to wake up and be fine with it all. Something tells us she's going to have to do the whammy on his memory at the beginning of the next episode.

We wish that Dad hadn't gotten so irrational. True, we never really liked him, but we thought he could be redeemed. It was inevitable that he would show up to Elena's house. Perhaps also inevitable that Katherine would pose as Elena and kill him. Such a waste.

What was unexpected about the conclusion of the ep? Isobel at the Elena's front door! Introducing herself to Jenna! Who, it seems, put two and two together! Alaric's gonna have a lot of 'splaining to do.


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Personally I loved this episode! It had a lot of twists which really kept it interesting. I hope they end up clueing Jenna in so everyone knows whats going on now. Also I hope Matt can get a grip and talk to Caroline. I'm not saying be with her, but she did save his life.

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