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The Vampire Diaries: Elena writes tragedies, not sins

Let's see, there are angry werewolves out for blood out there. It's a perfect time to make out!

Silly Weres, tricks are for vamps! What were the weres thinking on this week's ep of The Vampire Diaries? Did they learn nothing from last week's ep? We're sort of baffled that they could lose easily half of their number battling the vamps the night prior, but then think it's an awesome idea to take them on and kidnap Elena to boot. Not very bright. Not at all.

What we did like was the spelling out of the curse to refresh our memories without invoking Mayan gods or whatever the back story was. If the weres break the curse, they can change at will. If the vamps break the curse, they can walk in daylight.

What is the big deal with that, anyway? All you need to walk around in the daylight is a garish ring and a witch. Lot less trouble than this breaking of the curse shenanigans.

So the brothers split up for the weekend, Damon staying in Mystic Falls, and Stefan going to the lake house with Elena. Not necessarily the wisest move without confirming that the angry, revenge-seeking weres had vacated town. But fine, we'll roll with it. There sure was a lot of Hallmark moment-making up at the cabin prior to being interrupted by Tyler and the Wolf.

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie, Jeremy and Caroline were keeping themselves busy by dosing Luka with a witch roofie (kudos to Jeremy for delivering that line awesomely!) and then forcing him to tell them what they wanted to know about Elijah, why they were helping him, and what the deal with Elena is. Oh, good news! Elena just has to be sacrificed! Woop woop! Are we the only ones who were clear that Elena's deal with Elijah meant that she would have to give the ultimate gift at the end of the deal? Hmmm? How everyone is surprised by this just baffles us.

You know we don't relish making parallels between our beloved Mystic Falls characters and the ones who live in Forks, but this human self-sacrifice martyrdom from our female protagonist is just so apparent. We're with Stefan on being a little terse with Elena over her martyr complex. It's not attractive, Elena.

But we get ahead of ourselves. Back at the Salvatore family home, Damon and Alaric get ambushed, and the weres would have killed Ric if he didn't have his fancy ring on. They bound Damon up with a decidedly torturous contraption of chains and wood (stuck into Damon's neck quite symmetrically, we have to say). Elijah had to come and save the day. Which he did by taking the hearts of three of the werewolves while Jules escaped and the hipster wolf cowered.

Taking a divide-and-conquer strategy, Mr. Angry Wolf and Tyler showed up at the lake house with the intent to kill Stefan and to kidnap Elena. Luckily for our couple, Tyler had a change of heart about helping his new friend when he found out that the reason they were taking Elena was that she would have to be killed to break the curse.

And our favorite moment of the ep? When, after Caroline left to take Luka back to the the Mystic Grill, Bonnie and Jeremy FINALLY had a big breakthrough with a fantastic kiss. It's about time, y'all!


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