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The Vampire Diaries: Elijah's demise + a history lesson

"She...uh....fell down the stairs..."

This week on The Vampire Diaries, we had a whole lotta deceit goin' on. Yes, yes, there's always that, but this week had even more.

Not to mention the silliness of introducing more background that seems very unlikely. So Mystic Falls was actually settled by a bunch of witches who left Salem. Uh huh, ok. We suppose that's how the witchy Bennet family managed to have branches in both Massachusetts and North Carolina. Why didn't we think of that? That makes sense for the Mystic part, now show us some Falls part. There is a county in NC called Transylvania County that has many falls...so now we wonder if that's where they're going to tell us that's where Mystic Falls is. But enough geography.

So the theme of this episode seemed to be, "Kill Elijah." We're not so sure that that was a good idea. They had an original vamp who was going to protect them until it was time to sacrifice Elena - shouldn't they have waited to it was closer to the time?

Katherine's deceit began, oh, who are we kidding. Everything about her is deceitful. But for this ep, she manipulated Damon into believing that if he killed Elijah, she would be stuck in the tomb forever. Can't believe a thing that comes out of her mouth. Particularly since we know she has some sort of secret agenda with John. We remain suspicious and wish that Damon hadn't been so nice as to bring her some clothes. That tells us that he's still got a soft spot for her.

Damon's deceit started when he planned to kill Elijah during a dinner party. Uncle John's deceit began when he gave the dagger plus the oak ash to Damon, knowing that if Damon wielded it, it would kill both Damon and his victim. Seems a trifle unfair to us since the Original being killed is only dead as long as the dagger is still lodged in the body, but Damon would have met his final, irrevocable demise.

So Alaric took the opportunity to stab Elijah in the back with the dagger at the dinner party. Which we're pretty sure he'd been fantasizing about since he noticed the suave, charming Elijah subtly flirting with Jenna. We love how Elijah was in no way hitting on Jenna, but he took the opportunity to make Alaric jealous and then tease him about it. Anyhoodle. A vampire on his guard should know better than to have his back vulnerable! Oh well, lesson learned. Sort of.

Alaric's deceit is being vague about Isobel to Jenna. Oh Jenna, let it go.

Bonnie's deceit was in kidnapping Luka for answers that could wind up backlashing onto Luka's family, erasing his memory of it, and then lying about it to his face. We weren't surprised when Luka's dad was pissed and took away her powers. We think he was over-reacting a bit in the heat of the moment, but as someone awesome once said, you've got to pay to play, and she shouldn't be too surprised by this consequence.

Elena's deceit was in tricking Elijah - by stabbing herself in the gut - to get close enough to him so she could stab him with the magical dagger herself. Ruh-roh. This time they kept the dagger lodged in the body.

Which brings us to the interesting premise of how are they going to kill Klaus if the only weapon they have is the dagger they can't remove from Elijah for fear of waking him up? Because we wouldn't want an enemy of Elijah, which is what they are now. Such a shame, since we really really liked the perfectly mannered Elijah.

One more thing before we part this week - YAY for some scenes with Lexi! We <3 her, and are glad we get to see her in flashbacks.


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"There is a county in NC called Transylvania County that has many falls...so now we wonder if that's where they're going to tell us that's where Mystic Falls is."

I live in Transylvania County NC, but as far as I can tell there is no founders council and regrettably no Damon Salvatore ;-)

Maybe Katherine is hard to resist, but Andy is definitely not that stupid simple country girl. She won't let Damon go just like that. Andy is a tough lady... Katherine can have a rest :)

i only have 1 thing to say: "BEST EP EVER!!!!!!!"

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