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Hellcats: Werewolves and unicorns are as rare as a quality baby daddy

"You guys, this baby is NOT waiting until April 19..."

It’s all about the dads this week on Hellcats. Well, there’s a couple of story lines that include dads, which we’ll get to shortly, but we’re more interested in what kind of love connection may or may not have happened between Lewis and Nasty Cathy!

Never trust a band called Werewolf versus Unicorn
Everyone is gearing up for Nationals and it’s of the utmost importance to have good tunes for the big routine. So, Alice scored an “exclusive and unique song” from a local band called Werewolf versus Unicorn (from here on out to be known as W vs. U). It’s all back flips and round-offs until they discover that, due to an illegal diet supplement snafu on Burlington’s part, they’re out of Nationals and the Cyclones are in—and they just happen to be using the same W vs. U song that the Hellcats are using!

Always up for a good confrontation, Alice heads to the bar where W vs. U is playing that evening. Naturally, Nasty Cathy is there in hopes of her own war of words and charms Lewis while Alice is in the potty. They hit it off until she realizes that he’s a Hellcat.

It appears that two different members of the band gave each squad exclusive permission to use their song. They don’t care about the politics of cheer but they do like the pom poms. So they tell the girls to arrive after the set, in uniform, and they can have a “cheer off” for the right to the tune. Why each squad would agree to reveal their moves to each other so early just for a song is beyond us, but they do—and the routines look remarkably similar to us. But when all is said and done it’s abundantly clear that W vs. U are a rare collection of rude jackasses. So no one uses the song. However, as they leave the venue, Nasty Cathy gives Lewis her phone number as Alice looks on with genuine disgust.

Charlotte’s baby daddy revealed
During an argument with Savannah, Nasty Cathy accidentally spits out that Charlotte got knocked up by Savannah’s ex, Noah. Turns out that Savannah disappointed him at the auction date. So he came over, tapped on Charlotte’s window and had himself a little booty call. Always the quality buttinski, Savannah meets Noah for drinks and asks him if he loves Charlotte. Nope, he loves her. He never stopped loving her and he never will. But if she tells him to marry Charlotte he will. Don’t count on it.

After a bit of a tussle with her sister, Charlotte breaks off the engagement and of course, Mom comes to pay a visit to Savannah. She actually comes to thank Savannah—she told Charlotte what she didn’t have the courage to say. That the marriage was doomed from the get-go. Wow, it’s about time that Savannah gets some respect around here!

Rex, Wanda’s extinct baby daddy
Meanwhile, back at the homestead, since he’s shacking up with Wanda these days, Travis runs across a stack of songs that were written by Marti’s dad. Classic Wanda—she won’t discuss the man with her daughter, but is happy to chat Travis up about the guy. Wanda tells Marti that Rex was a bad guy and she already knows all she ever needs to know about the man. Later, Marti cries to Dan about her lack of fatherly information. But he’s got his own issues. In a moment of vocational insecurity, Dan applied to Lancer last year and he just got accepted. He’s in at the school but not the film department, which will take some doing. We smell film project.

So later, while Travis and Wanda are out, Marti breaks out a box of the old man’s belongings. She puts on his old hat and looks through photos and plays some of his songs and we doubt that she learns any more than she knew before. But it makes for a nice montage.

Seeing Red
Vanessa and Red have drinks together and she tells her ex/soon-to-be-new-beau that she refuses to be the heartbreaker, the bitch, the slut—and she’s not ready for any PDA. But Red’s delayed a lot of happiness and waited a lot of years and he doesn’t want to wait anymore. However, she’s ashamed and sad that she hurt Derrick and doesn’t want to be the gal who jumps right into the arms of another. But the next morning, after another heart-to-heart…and yet another coffee (can’t that Red think of a new excuse to come visit her offices?) she throws caution to the wind and sleeps with him in her office.

What will we do until April 19?
With so much going on, we can’t imagine how insane our favorite show will be when it returns on April 19. What are you hoping to see happen with Charlotte and her baby? How will Savannah and Dan pick up where they left off? What will Marti do with all her free time now that she got Travis out of the pen? And does she miss that dorky Morgan? What do you see happening for the rest of the season? Tell us in the comments!


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