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One Tree Hill Podcast: "I Think I'm Going to Like It Here"

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Brooke gets unrighteously angry at her friends after her lies (and lies of omission) are exposed, but she STILL gets a kid. Only on One Tree Hill, folks... Granted, it helps when you've got someone giving you a toast that starts off with "Thanks for saving my kid's life..."  Hard to argue against that one.

In other news, Julian chases butterflies and is adorable, Jamie dominates baseball and is adorable, Haley geeks out over Little League and is adorable, Ian Kellerman bonds with Jamie and is adorable less objectionable, and Clay and Quinn find Coma Grove, which is just plain perplexing. However, Darcel and I come up with some decent business plans, so not all is lost...

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OMG!!!! I love this podcast. I actually had them on my ipod and just hadn't listened to them and today I did. I always love hearing Darcel's CRAZY ideas. I love how she wants Dan to come back so bad, trust me girl I want him back too. Haha I have to say when I saw the HO-HO cake I totally thought of Darcel and her Twinkie cake, I was like "Oh My god she must be loving this" haha.
I totally forgot why I was writing and just remembere. Sarah mentioned GOOGLEing, and I remembered that Jamie sayd "we should google that" to andre on an episode. I think it was season 6, but I'm not sure. I just wanted to point out that kids DO google. hahahahahhahhhaah
I laughed wehn you talked about them having another sister and no one noticing. that's soooo true. There is taylor and they have another sister. But i think Taylor is younger than Quinn, but who knows. Anyways, I hope to see the new podcast up soon.

Bethany's new baby daughter Maria is her first child. She only has 2 children on the show.

Also Haley, Quinn & Taylor aren't the only children there are other James siblings who we've never seen I think they're just the youngest 3.

Girls Maria is the first son of Bethany Joy Galeotti, she married her husband on 2005 or 06, and she said that after the show is done she want have a lot a lot of babies...Hilarie Buerton (Peyton) was the one who have a son with Papa Winchester haha

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