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The Kents welcome a new member to the family!

"I have one piece of brotherly advice for you: Always erase your revision history."

It's a boy!

That's right, after years of being the sole Kent namesake, Lex 2.0, 3.0, or whatever version he is now, has been semi-adopted by Lois and Clark. Alexander has renounced his name and been given the moniker Connor Kent. And the amnesiac teen will be attending Smallville High like his older brother. Does anyone else see this as a very bad idea? Ummm, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, right...Duh!

It would seem that the Smallville creators have gotten romantic interludes out of their system now that Ollie and Chloe are gone, which means we're back to the task at hand. Lex, Lionel and the Darkness. Unfortunately, to get to all of it, we have to suffer through an Apollo/Rocky aka The Karate Kid meets Pat Morita episode to get there.

You see, Lionel still is in pursuit of the Lex Tess saved months ago, but Tess is doing a bang-up job in hiding him on the Kent farm of all places. Ummm, yeah...like NO ONE has thought to look there? After all this time, isn't that the first place anyone would look? Really.

Tess realizes that the growing teen needs some male guidance with his new powers, so she begs Clark to step up, which being the Boy Scout he is, he does. And while Clark wants to go slow on teaching Lex to control his new powers, puberty and Luthor genes keep getting in the way...that and the pesky desire to know where he comes from. But Tess and Clark try to keep the truth at bay for as long as they can. Tess even goes to Lois for help to destroy Lionel once and for all. The two women do what they set out for, but not before Lionel reveals his identity to Lex and Lex's innate tendency to evil a la a red kryptonite ring.

Lex sports the jewelry and his hormones go into overdrive with Lois at his center of attention. Lex saves her from being shot by Lionel, but then the teen takes his future sister-in-law away to some hovel to propose his undying need to protect her and have her. Never mind the fact that Lois is like 15+ years older than he is. Or the fact that no one wants to be serenaded in a wet, condemned home with thousands of candles surrounding them. Your argument will never be good enough in such an environment. It's about ambiance, people!!!

We digress. Long story short, Clark runs to the rescue by shattering the red ring on Connor's hand and Connor, seeing how vicious his real dad is, chooses Clark's righteous path. Huzzah! Even better, Tess catches other-world Lionel in a lie of his own doing. The fingerprints on Tess' birth certificate do not match those of other world Lionel, thus proving he is a fake and must renounce all his worldly possessions back to Tess. Why she just won't kill Lionel, we don't know...we wish someone would, because we can't take anymore sexist drivel from his mouth. At least stab him in the chest with a letter opener. The dude is always in the office brooding about something -- it'd be so easy!

With everything wrapped up as neatly as expected for sweeps, we're left to stew for the next month with this parting image: The Dark Lord sneaking up on Lionel at Lex's grave. Lionel is cowering, after her confesses he'd do anything to get his Lex back. So that leaves us with one of two options here. Either Lex will be resurrected with the Darkness inside him or Lionel will become the host. What do you think?


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Why is it such a horrible idea that Clark welcomes a new member to his family? He did it with Kara 3 1/2 years ago. And Conner isn't his brother. He's his "cousin" for all purposes to the outside world. And Conner in the comic books lives at the Kent Farm. You should fact check the comic book that Smallville is based on.

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