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Gossip Girl Podcast: "The Kids Stay In the Picture"

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Why oh why is Vanessa even on Gossip Girl anymore? She apparently just pops in to muck about in the Upper East Siders' lives, and to annoy the crap out of us. Come on, Vanessa, don't you have a commune to join somewhere? Please?

In other news, Serena's long-lost cousin Charlie shows up, and she's got a secret! Chuck's plan to get Blair back backfires, and we're not entirely sure why. Blair's Prince Charming arrives in New York, so Chuck may have bigger problems than misplaced scheming. Dan wavers between pining over Blair, then apparently transferring his affections to the new girl. (Fickle, fickle Dan...) Plus, Lily tries to distract herself form her impending jail time with a celebrity photo shoot (as you do...), and we learn that Lily's sister, Carol, wasn't the free-spirited bohemian we thought. Also, Raina is making booty calls to Nate's place, which gets awkward when she runs into Chuck. Maybe it's time to look into getting your own place, Nate...

Listen to our Gossip Girl podcast for "The Kids Stay In the Picture" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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