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Gossip Girl: Pretty in Pink

"Wait, you want me to TALK to her about my suspicions? That's not how we DO things on the Upper East Side!"

Miscommunication reigned supreme on this week’s episode of Gossip Gossip Girl. Charlie had the right idea when she proposed that Serena actually talk to Blair about the alleged kiss with Dan instead of cyber stalking her whereabouts, but that would just be too easy. And, somehow, Charlie’s common sense-filled, Floridian upbringing faded faster than you can throw away $1,000 on a pink tie as she put on her metaphorical trench coat and dark sunglasses to do Serena’s bidding. Lily traded in an orange jumpsuit for a stylish ankle bracelet and a nine-month sequestering in her fancy pad. Raina included Chuck in her ill-fated first attempt at finding her mother and Vanessa finally got the boot. Here are some other thoughts:

Most obvious: Blair rejected an outfit from Serena’s closet saying it screamed, “let’s skip dinner and make a sex tape.” Isn’t that a characterization fit for the entirety of Serena’s wardrobe?

Most vain: Lily’s trying to find clothes that will either hide or match her ankle bracelet. Oh when will she learn?

Most outrageous request: Nate’s mother destroys Lily’s party and then has the nerve to ask if she can have the food Lily ordered sent to the new venue.

Most surprising move: Rufus will do anything for love, even condone blackmail.

Continue reading to find out who Dan cut out of his life.

Most unlikeable: Is it just us or does Charlie rub you the wrong way? Is she just trying to fit in or does she have an ulterior motive?

Worst plan: Blair’s plan to stage a fake kiss with Dan so her prince’s advisor will think she’s not interested in nabbing a spot on the throne reeked of failure from the starting point. Usually Blair is more on the ball.

Biggest mistake: Serena sends Charlie over to flirt with Dan. It’s not surprising then when she shows up unannounced at the loft later that night.

Biggest hypocrite: Lily has not treated others’ past transgressions with compassion or forgiveness, so she can’t be expected to remain at the top of the social strata now that her reputation has been compromised. What goes around comes around.

Oldest argument: Blair and Serena get into another fight about Serena always stealing the spotlight from Blair. Didn’t we do this in Paris and wasn’t there a fountain involved? These two need to get over themselves and each other.

Most redeemable moment: Charlie tells Dan about Vanessa’s phone call to Serena.

The door slam heard around the world: Dan tells Vanessa to beat it. Finally!

Moment of truth: It appears Thorpe was telling Chuck the truth about the fire and Raina’s mother. And there’s a tape to prove it.

Blair and her prince throw caution to the wind and step out in public to display their affection, but what about Chuck? Just last week Blair realized she wanted to spend her life with Chuck and now she’s head over heels for a prince. Serena’s got bigger things to worry about than Blair with Charlie running around the city and now versed on the workings of Gossip Girl. What did you think?


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