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Hellcats: Some very dead cheerleaders and a semi-alive father

"I said I'm NOT A CHEATER!!

It’s been six weeks since the last new eppie of Hellcats. We knew the folks from Cheer Town would be coming back strong to end the season but we thought they’d slowly ease back in. Instead, they kicked it into high gear and got down to the nitty gritty as soon as they returned. This week Alice dabbles in investigative reporting, which leaves some pals on the wrong end of the story, Dan Patch directs a zombie film and Marti discovers the ugly truth about her father.

Zombies are the new vampire
Dan’s shooting his film school application movie with the cheerleaders and some zombies, and as he’s filming, we think it looks a little bit lame. He could have definitely amped up the action. And do directors really say “Time is money”? Or do that little making-a-square-with-their-fingers thing? Later, after talking with his fellow wanna-be film students, Dan discovers at the pre-film prep that his movie is not artsy or fartsy or deep or meaningful in any way—and that’s probably what the judges are looking for. So he decides not to submit the zombies. Who needs film school?

However, in her typical fashion, rather than let Dan make a huge mistake, Savannah sneaks behind his back and submits his movie anyway. She drags him away from his beer the night of the unveil in order to attend the screening. They screen his movie and it turns out that it’s fun and campy. Our favorite line was Alice’s when she said, “I came to spread spirit and kill monsters. And I’m all out of spirit.” Even the artsy fartsy types end up enjoying it and it concludes to wild applause. When Dan is asked how his movie ads to the art world, he admits that his film is about overcoming fear…something he’s learned a lot about in the application process.

Alive is the new dead
Meanwhile, Marti heads to a legendary Memphis guitar shop, looking for information on her dad. A snotty clerk named Deirdre is no help finding Rex Perkins, but she directs her to an old wall that musicians signed back in the day. Marti ends up discovering a set list that belonged to her dad but there’s something wrong—if it’s dated correctly (1998), then Wanda’s been lying about the date of his death. Is that the only thing she’s lied about?

So Marti confronts her asking for the truth. Again. And this time she gets it. Rex was a major drug addict and he took his 3-year-old daughter with him to a flop house to get high. But Wanda found them, and after seeing how the man endangered the life of his baby girl, she told him that was the last time he was going to see them. And it was—he never came home.

Instead of being thankful to Wanda for keeping her drugged-up father from her, providing a safe environment and raising her as a single mom, Marti is pissed. But a big part of it is the fact that the man never came around again and he chose drugs over his family.

Alice is the new Lois Lane
Meanwhile, Alice is failing Ancient Civ so she asks a fellow student named Betsy to hook her up and write a kick-ass term paper for her. For 300 bucks Betsy will guarantee at least a B-. Just as we’re wondering where this story line is going, Kelsey Curtis, reporter from Photo Gem Magazine, pops out from the shadows. Turns out she’s doing an expose about cheating amongst college athletes. It seems that Alice has a knack for reporting (and let’s face it—lying) and she gets bitten by the bug.

But later, when Lewis hears about the story, he asks Alice to put the kibosh on it. Without really explaining why, he admits that he got a paper from Betsy during his freshman year. You know what they say about cheaters not prospering and all that stuff. If she doesn’t kill the story he’ll be exposed. Alice does end up trying to kill the story but her new BFF isn’t having any of it.

Marti’s montage at the end of the episode
To ease her daughter’s pain, Wanda gives Marti Rex’s old guitar that she had hidden away all these years. Bonus: In the case is the music for the song that he wrote for Marti on the day she was born. And that ends up helping to heal Marti’s wounds as she plays it on stage at the end of the episode to a montage of a happy Dan and Savannah and a very nervous Lewis.


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The 50/50 split on the 2nd poll tells me that 1/2 of people have cheated and 1/2 havent. haha :D

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