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One Tree Hill: Cue the flashback!

"Jamie, did I ever tell you the story about..." "Yeah, mom, you did." "Shut it, kid -- Roll flashback!"

One Tree Hill brings on the flashbacks as we await the arrival of Naley's and Brulian's respective babies. This mostly served to remind us how much Nathan and Haley have to flash back to, and it made Julian, Clay and Quinn seem like Hillers-come lately. And yes, Brooke got a little bit of high-school-era flashbackery, but we could tell the show was really reaching to get her a scene that didn't mention Peyton or Lucas. Sigh.

The waiting
When we broke off weeks and weeks ago, both Haley and Chloe were going into labor at the very same time. What are the odds? OK, on this show, those odds are 1-1, but we will maintain the fiction that it was a shocking development. Brooke decides not to tell anyone that she and Julian are there to get their little bundle of joy, so as not to steal Haley's thunder.

Everyone passes the time by either (1) gazing in on all the newborns and voice-overing philosophically, or (2) telling stories or otherwise flashing back to The Good Old Days. The ostensible reason for this is Jamie wants to make an instruction manual for Lydia so she can keep up with who everyone is. Sure, why not.

Read on for our thoughts on... well, the very little that happened this week.

Brooke and Julian
Brooke and Julian are adorable waiting to meet their new baby, and are happily trying to come up with names, remembering high points of their past, the usual. And you know, Brooke has been though so much lately, so the show couldn't possibly make her suffer any more, right? Right?

Yeah. Sorry about that -- it turns out Chloe reconsiders giving up the kid when she sees her boyfriend is there to... look at newborns? Come on, Chloe, you're still thoroughly unprepared to raise a child, and you haven't even told your parents you were preggers. Sigh. Cue the waterworks from Brooke. We get it, show, she's a very good crier, but please, give the girl a break!

Nathan and Haley
Blah blah baby, blah blah long relationship, blah blah flashback to when Nathan's hair was shaggier and Haley was still TutorGirl. Plus, Dan sighting! Hi, Dan! Sorry we only get to see you in flashback, but hey, we'll take what we can get.

Everyone else
Jamie is predictably adorable. Quinn and Clay are goofy, and they say romantic things to each other. They talk about having a family some day. We smell a plot point of season 15!

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends
When we discovered that the show had given us three flashbacks in the first eight minutes, we realized we'd only have so much to recap this time out. Sorry.

Jamie provided much of the Lucas-style voiceover this week. We feared that it would get a bit treacly, but fortunately Jamie hit us with this deep thought: "I guess out of everyone who's ever been born, probably the most famous birth ever is Jesus. But people make a big deal out of pandas, too."

Jamie's in, what, second grade? Third? Should he really be able to calculate how many babies are born per hour and per minute based on knowing how many babies are born in a day?

Brooke and Julian run into the hospital and approach the nurse at the front desk
Brooke: Hi! We're having a baby!
Nurse: Honey, you do understand it takes about nine months?

We discover that Haley's middle name is Bob -- and that said name was inspired by the family cat. OK, we sort of can see that... but we have no idea why Haley would inflict the same middle name on poor Lydia.

Haley and Nathan reminisce for Jamie:
Haley: Do you know that by the time [Lydia is] your age, you're going to be in high school?
Jamie: And when you and dad were in high school you had me?
Haley: That's right. You're not allowed to do that.

Haley: I remember the night I told your dad that you were going to be you. That he was going to have a son.
Jamie: Remember that dad?
Nathan: Yeah. I had six turnovers at the time. You're not allowed to do that either.

We kind of loved the flashbacks of Haley being a badass. For the good girl, she does seem to get into quite a few knock-down-drag-out brawls.

Can you, in fact, eat six crackers in a minute? Are you allowed to have water and eat more than one at a time? Because under those circumstances, we're pretty sure we could pull it off. Granted, that whole thing was in there just so we could see Quinn and Clay spray cracker crumbs, but we still dispute the logic.

Seriously, show, when are you going to allow Brooke more than 2.5 seconds of happiness? WHEN?

What did you think? Were you happy with the return, or do you wish there was more there there? Talk about it in the comments!


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Am I the only one that liked this episode. I think the flashbacks made the whole episode for me but I can understand about the whole Clay and Quinn flashback. Am I the only one that got nostalgic over the Naley flashbacks?

all in all great ep

I'm never a fan of "flashback episodes" because it's always stuff we've already seen and the plot doesn't move forward at all. The flashbacks they showed in the episode when Brooke got married and while she was walking down the aisle were cute and it worked for that scene. But when the entire episode is all flashbacks, it's not interesting. And they weren't just little clips, it was ENITRE SCENES! We get it, we've seen all of this before. I did like seeing Haley hit everyone (I never really realize how many people she's hit!). But the Quinn/Clay flashback was so recent it shouldn't even be considered a flashback. It's more like, "Hey, remember last week when we showed up in town..." I like it more when they discuss their past like Quinn telling everyone about Haley's middle name and I loved when Nathan and Haley told Jamie he'd be in high school when Lydia was his age and he pointed out that's when they had him and you could just see Nathan and Haley going "Oh crap." That was good!

I hate Chloe, though. Really, we've established that she can't take care of a kid but oh look absentee boyfriend shows up and all is well. I feel so bad for Brooke and Julian. They were so excited.

Other than that, though, nothing happened. I was hoping for something better especially after how the last episode ended and then we had to wait 6 weeks. It seemed like it was building up for some huge episode. I really want to see how Nathan's discovery at the end of the last episode plays out. It looks like he's going to confront Prof. Kellerman so I can't wait!

It could have been SO. MUCH. BETTER. Granted, birthing episodes are usually boring- the necessary evil that comes about 3/4 of a season after the dramatic moment when the female lead announces that she is (gasp!) pregnant.

But this was just ridiculous. I would love to break down the ratio of new to flashback content. The flashbacks were sooo long! We don't need the entire scene.

(Anyone remember Season 3, I think the premiere, after the dealership fire? When we see how Dan was burned. They cut for a second, showed him screaming and the burnt flesh, and then we're back to present day after 3 seconds. These could have been used effectively if used like that. Quick cut to Naley's first kiss. Quick cut to Brook saying she can't have kid. Quick cut to Quinn telling Clay to wake up. And then we're back! Move along!)

It angers me. As a show winds down, and even as a season winds down, you realize how little time you have left. You only get 22 episodes a season, and you only get so many season. This is a finite thing. Wasted eps just bother the heck out of me.

Liked the episode!

Naley flashbacks: loved loved loved

Clay and Quinn: yeah.. still didn't care

Brooke and Julian: Well, it had to happen, 'cause Brookes happyness needs to be something for the finale..

Jamie: Call back to Lucas and Peyton (who did the 'there are currently *number* people in the world') : I kind of liked it!

Lydia BOB: Nooooo!!!

Crackers: Jackson Brundage pulled it of in a promo with Schwann!

That's about it

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