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One Tree Hill Podcast: "Quiet Little Voices"

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We were tempted to splice in a bunch of clips from old One Tree Hill podcast and call it a day, but in the end, we're professionals. (Also, we decided that would take too much work.) Instead, Darcel and I rail against the overuse of flashbacks, then wonder what it takes to be on the OTH writing staff, because they obviously got to take a lot of time off. Why don't WE have the sort of jobs where we just have to come up with one decent line about pandas and then we can call it a day?

Until Schwahn hired us (which is looking less likely by the minute), we spend our time dissecting the few new bits of this episode, express our frustration at fickle birth moms, and wonder just what the heck was going on with that whole cracker-eating scene. Seriously. What was that?

Listen to our One Tree Hill podcast for "Quiet Little Voices" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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Season 8 One Tree Hill is so bad that all the flashbacks from earlier seasons (excluding the new cast) actually made for a better episode than recent ones.

From what I've heard, domestic adoptions allow the birth mother to change her mind within six months or even a year, which is obviously hard for the adoptive parents.

You guys were totally not being bitter harpies. I thought this episode was a monumental disappointment. One, because of the number of unnecessary flashbacks (Schwann, when you're resorting to clip show episodes, maybe it's time to let the show die...); and two, because I predicted that Brooke wasn't going to get the baby and I'm sad that I was right. The other half of my prediction is that Brooke will find out that she is actually pregnant, although I'm really hoping that doesn't happen because that would be way too contrived.

Also, TARDIS shout-out ftw. That and talk of Victoria's eviller twin made this podcast episode for me. You guys are awesome! :)

OMG The best part of the podcast DOCTOR WHO reference Yeahhh I think I like you more Sarah haha

just to clarify, Brooke and Haley were not best friends but they were really good friends since season 3.

I did feel sorry for Brooke but i'm still holding out for the miracle that she will get pregnant.

The only flashbacks I could tolerate were the Naley ones. They were awesome and def making me feel nostalgic for the good ol days.

As for nurse Jackie ive heard of it I just can't be bothered to watch it.

And Darcel the whole Dan and Victoria storyline im still waiting for that to happen.

Great podcast as always

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