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One Tree Hill: Will everything change?

R.I.P River Court?

One Tree Hill kept the flashbacks to a minimum and doled out some plot this week -- imagine our surprise! We were less surprised by the revelation (or at least strong implication) that Ian was the drunk driver who nearly killed Brooke and Jamie, but the potential loss of the River Court was a bit of a shock. Do you think it will happen?

Goodbye to the River Court?
The River Court has been a huge part of this show since episode one, but apparently its days are numbered. The hoops are gone, and a sign proclaiming it the future home of the River View Condominiums looms. Will it really be torn down? Mouth suggests that Millie do a story on the court (hopefully not dressed as a chicken this time), which, again, duh -- why have a TV reporter on the show if you can't do an elegiac piece on this show's spiritual home?

We're guessing the court's survival depends on whether the show returns. But who knows? We could be wrong.

Read on for more surprises, after the jump!

Nathan's crusade
Nathan brings Jamie to class so he can surprise Kellerman with veiled accusations. Kellerman invites Nathan back to his office, and originally tells Nathan that it's not what he thinks -- he hit a deer the night of the storm, nothing more. Nathan isn't buying it.

Later, Kellerman finds Nathan at the River Court to confess -- and apologize. I was drunk, I was an idiot, and in compensation I've resigned from the university and will pay restitution, he says. Kellerman would prefer that the authorities not be involved, but he tells Nathan to do what he feels is right.

So it's all good, right? Well, no -- when Julian confronts Kellerman, the prof reveals that he lost both his wife and son. Wait, does he mean a son besides Ian, or is he talking about Ian himself? And later, when Ian meets Clay and Nathan to toast to his upcoming showcase, he reveals that his drink of choice -- actually, the only thing he drinks -- is Phidian's bourbon, which is the bottle Nate found in the car. Could it be that Ian is the one responsible, not the Prof?

Yes. Yes it could. And we're pretty sure we called that in a podcast weeks ago.

Brooke and Julian
Brooke is still depressed about how the adoption fell through -- and we can't blamer her. Also, they seem to have a metric ton of baby equipment in the house, so she's not exactly able to move on, you know?

Then Brooke gets a phone call -- the new owners of Clothes Over Bros want her back. They're offering her a bucket of money, complete creative control, and her old apartment in New York. Will she come back?

Victoria tells her she'd be stupid to turn down the offer. Julian says that he'd be happy to move (which, duh -- it's a lot easier to be a filmmaker in New York that in North Carolina. Just as Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Spike Lee...) Will she leave? Again, we're guessing the answer depends on whether the CW picks up the show for season 9.

Everyone else
Haley is happy at home with baby Lydia, and is still able to check in with Tric via webcam. Awwww. Quinn books a band and gets Alex to open. Alex does well, and she and Chase flirt. Clay attempts to wear a cowboy hat, but mercifully discards it before he's seen wearing it in public. Chester the bunny is offended that Lydia's middle name honors some long-dead cat rather than a live bunny. Mouth hates airports. The end.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

Wait, so Nathan can just bring strangers into Kellerman's house? After the dognapping, you'd think that the Prof would have increased security.

Brooke: Maybe it's good that the River Court will be gone. When we see it it just reminds us of what's gone. Who we thought we'd be someday.
Wow, it really sounds like Brooke has given up, doesn't it?

Why was Quinn wearing sequined shorts and a sweatshirt? WHY?

Dear CW: Jensen Ackles owned "Eye of the Tiger." Please don't try to let anyone else sing it. Especially not Quinn.

Chase: How are we doing on the booze-and-boys front?
Alex: Well, I don't know how you're doing on the booze and boys front considering you gave my job to Mouth after he tied a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue, but I'm doing quite well, actually.

When Kellerman finishes packing up his office, he's left with framed pictures of his son and his dog. He takes the picture of Dogust, but leaves the one of Ian. We have to admit, we like the dog better, too.

Mouth's airline rant makes us wonder if he's working on a career in observational comedy.

So what do you think? Is the River Court dooooomed? With Brooke and Julian leave Tree Hill? Will Nate turn in his star client? And will the show get picked up for a ninth season? Talk about it in the comments!


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One Tree Hill is the Best TV Show Ever.

I hope OTH has a season 9. I feel like they are apart of my family. Haa! Im accually ordering seasons 1 through 7 online tomorrow. Uber excited :)

I think OTH will get a season 9 from what I read about the ratings, OTH has higher ratings than: 90210 and Gossip Girl but I'm guessing they got picked up early because of all the press and magazine exposure the stars get.

I'm kind of surprised that people were surprised by The CW not announcing an early pick-up. That has never, in the history of the show, happened. We always have to wait until either Upfronts or the day after the finale.

Funny cause the first thing I thought of when I seen eye of the tiger is when Jensen did it on Supernatural. Still loved it thought (but not as much as Jensen's version :D )

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