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Smallville gets a gold booster shot

"Is it just me, or do these glasses make me MORE sexy instead of less?"

It's been two days after the episode and we're still at a loss for the overall theme. Can someone help us out on this one? Or perhaps there was no overall issue, just an hour of entertainment that shows off the virtues of the "Man of Steel" just because. Kind of a nice reminder on why we joined this "Smallville" journey 10 years ago...hmmm, we think we'll go for that. Clark is a hero after all inside and out, and he still finds time to help others reach the hero in them, even while he's trying to figure out his new, clumsier persona.

Read on...

Coupledom seems to be evolving ever more between the Daily Planet duo, and this week, Lois is all about "dorking up" her man so he becomes invisible to the naked eye. According to Lois, "they (the populace) need to look down at Clark, so they can look up to the Blur." Now, we know the history, but we gotta say in keeping with the bullying theme, why should anyone have to be less than they are to deflect greatness on someone else? But there we go getting too philosophical again, perhaps...

At any rate, Clark still can't get used to his clumsiness and Lois continues to be his biggest cheerleader -- even going so far as to put up "Man of Steel" billboard ads to promote the Blur in light of recent developments that include a new superhero in town: Booster Gold. Gold, a former football player from the future, has come back to Metropolis to one-up Kent/The Blur in the eyes of Metropolis and the world for no other reason than to be put in the history books as the greatest. Of course, Booster Gold makes it look easy since he can fly, has a stereotypical superhero suit, an 800- number for people to call if they're in need, and backup dancers. (FYI...anyone who knows us, knows that backup dancers make everyone look better!)

Clark is worried that since the Blur has been incognito as of late, people might forget what a real hero does -- avoid the spotlight in favor of the common good. Booster Gold, on the other hand, is all about the fame, glory, and fans. Booster can't be bothered with humble pie when the public, including Cat Grant, is salivating over him and he's out for the key to the city. Gold throws down the gauntlet to Clark to step up and show the world he is better than him. How? Why, by tracking down a dangerous weapon called the Scarab (a blue beetle that bites it's host and transforms him/her into a metallic covered villain with other-worldly powers).

Gold is confronted by the poor teen who has been taken over by the Scarab, only to be turned away for his other adoring fans. What ensues is an onslaught of fire-power from the teen in Scarab form that almost takes out Booster AND Cat Grant (who's doubling as a fly-girl backup dancer to get Gold's story for the Daily Planet). Luckily, Clark is there to save Cat from a direct hit (after he goes into a prop phone booth to change from mild-mannered to the leather-clad Blur).

This received the slow clap from us, because we finally got to see where the phone booth staple came from! Can we just say a quick aside here? THIS is why Smallville rocks. All of the details that make Superman who he is have been revealed at their own time and place that doesn't make it feel forced. OK, off of soapbox...

What follows is Cat finally gets a clue as to what a real hero is...and Booster Gold has a "be careful what you wish for moment" after he talks the teen, turned Scarab weapon, down off the ledge of killing himself and others. Of course, this happens after Clark has a talk with Booster saying "the suit doesn't make the hero, but the hero is made in moments and decisions he makes and why he makes them."

In the end, Booster gets a conscience and learns the adoration of people is not all its cracked up to be. The bullied teen learns he can control his life and Lois gets the promotion over Cat. But perhaps the best quote/event of the night? Booster tells Clark the "Blur" moniker sounds like a roller coaster. "A name should start with "super" and then brand it."

Ahhh, "Smallville" writers...to quote another pop culture mainstay: "We love it when a plan comes together."

Until next week...


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I think the whole point of this episode was to remind us how annoying Cat Grant is, in case, we'd all forgotten from some of the earlier episodes this season.

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