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Smallville: Home again, home again, jiggity, jig!

"Seriously, Clark. I can't even get the barn smell out of my clothes anymore."

After what felt like months of a hiatus for the show, we finally get back into it...unfortunately this episode didn't seem to really progress the storyline as we would have hoped.

Let us explain...there are many things that encompass the world that includes Smallville and Metropolis, including any and all former villains, foes sucked into new dimensions, etc., so imagine our surprise that we have to spend an entire hour on Clark Luthor -- who, now that Daddy Dearest is gone, can't seem to stay in his own black-and-white reality. We mean, really? Are we that obsessed about Tess Harper having some kind of love interest that we import the alternate Clark? Are we? No, really? Someone answer us!

Read on wary Smallville travelers, if you dare...or care...

It must be difficult to be Clark Kent, because EVERYTHING is about him, all the time. The bloke can't even go to the barn, which, given all that he's been through, should be locked up like Alcatraz or friggin' Fort Knox. Every stray mutant family member ventures there before coming to the house. Very odd...but okay...and this week is no different.

Clark Luthor comes back through the portal to get his second chance at a real life, not tainted by his evil ways. Unfortunately, that means Clark (who actually TOUCHES the glass box) has to get sent back to Luthor-land where color fails to live. The dapper Clark Luthor has no real "plans" in our world except to rekindle his love affair with Tess Harper (his step-sister). That's it folks. An inter-dimensional booty call. After 10 years of drama, we're expecting the last several episodes to be something of substance. Are we alone in this? Or does this storyline actually tie into the ultimate ending?

So, we got that off our chest...now on to the details:

Kent vs. Kent: Clark meets himself head on again, and this time he's still not ready for him. Taken to the other realm, we find that Lois is a widow, land-grubbing Oliver Queen is dead, and Daddy Kent is one said victim of Queen's greediness.

We also find out the entire world knows how to kill Clark Luthor and are carrying kryptonite like gum in their pockets to keep his madness at bay. Luckily, other-world Lois remembers Clark Kent from the last meeting and helps him out. As does dear ol' dad -- who restrains his son thinking he's Clark Luthor in the run-down homestead sans Martha. (Apparently the two divorced after the land was lost). But leave it to Clark's angelic ways to talk dad off the squatter soapbox and onto a better path...one of less bitterness, more forgiveness. Is Clark the messiah? We're beginning to think yes, because he had all of about maybe 10 minutes to talk to his pops after years of regret and anger, and he got him to the other side in record time. Too bad this is all fiction...we could so use such powers in the world of politics.

Sigh....anywho, on the Lois & Clark front: Mama Kent has proffered the farm as a wedding present, and forces the "where are we going to live as a couple" conversation that hasn't been broached. Apparently, the decision to sell or stay comes up and Lois considers a Metropolis apartment while Clark is afraid to leave since he's concerned about forgetting his past. Luckily, the two realize that while neither is wrong, both truths are valid. Lois calms the waters, practicality prevails and the two will be venturing closer to work soon.

So that pretty much wraps it up. As we said, this episode was the equivalent of eating one potato chip. Left us wanting more...but we did get a glimpse at the attraction Tess holds for Clark. We suppose with Chloe out of the picture, we need someone else to take over pining duties. We've always known Tess was attracted to men in power, but when she hooked up with the doctor those few weeks back we thought she had settled down. Guess not...we shall see where this rabbit hole leads soon enough friends. Until then...


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I think you missed some big aspects about the episode. Clark Luthor wasn't just there for Tess Mercer, but also TO KILL LIONEL LUTHOR and TO GET AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE CARRYING KRYPTONITE! Clark Luthor wanted a fresh start in this world, away from those who knew how to hurt and kill him, and he was more than willing to give the people not-really-Clark-Luthor Clark Kent to do it. He must've realized Lionel was in Clark's world after he switched places with Clark back to his reality, so that's why Clark Luthor decides to kill Lionel and be rid of him for good. This was actually one of my favorite episodes of the entire series, because everyone brought their A-game in acting AND writing. Tom Welling was as lovable as Clark Kent as he was sinister as Clark Luthor. Erica Durance proved why Lois Lane remains my favorite character on this show - she was funny, loving and well-written, everything Lana Lang wasn't. Cassidy Freeman just shined as Tess, especially in her scenes with Clark Luthor and Emil. And John Schneider just proves why it was a mistake it was for the "Smallville" crew to kill Clark Kent's pop in season five. Schneider really made the episode for me, with his wonderful performance as a radically different take on Jonathan Kent who, in the end, started to act like the Pa Kent we know and love. I dare you not to love the scenes with Lois's speech to Clark about "this Smallville" or the moment where Jonathan called Clark Kent "son". While I would've liked to have seen John Glover's wonderfully-slimy and fun alternate Lionel Luthor or Annette O'Toole back on the show to debut as the other reality Martha Kent, to me, this episode was just brilliant from start to finish. The only bad thing I can say about "Smallville" is that we have to say goodbye this May. :(

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