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The Vampire Diaries: Ashes to ashes


This week's The Vampire Diarieswas a mixed bag of wow. We are beside ourselves! On one hand, parts of the Isobel/Katherine/John conspiracy were revealed, and on the other hand, we're super sad about the turn of events in Caroline's world and what the implication of that might mean for all of our Mystic Falls faves.

It's hard to keep track of where the double-crossing begins and ends with these folks, honestly. Apparently Isobel's role in this twisty-turny tale was as a compelled vampire merely executing her orders to deliver the moonstone and Katherine to Klaus and to perhaps deliver the doppelganger. Which is especially sweet since it's her OWN DAUGHTER. Ahem, we got carried away there for a moment. It sort of makes up for it that she was tortured about it on the inside, so much so that she killed herself in a blaze of glory -at her own faux grave- upon being released. Poetic? Or just cheesy? You decide.

Meanwhile, Katherine thought that Isobel was on her side and trusted her during the kidnap-Elena-and-kill-John hijinks. The scene of them being girly and sipping blood out of wine glasses was a particularly good touch. And John? He's just the poor sap who apparently did want to protect Elena all along, albeit while doing in any other vampires in on the way.

Matt. We used to be on team Matt. Not so much anymore. Not since he betrayed Caroline to her mother and manipulated her into telling him everything...which he is now going to divulge to the Sheriff. We've already seen what she thinks about the whole vamp thing in regards to her daughter.

We adore how Bonnie and Jeremy's relationship is evolving. And we're not sure that Mystic Falls can accommodate another martyr. Really, Bonnie? You're going to sacrifice yourself so that Elena can live and the world will be free of bad vampires? You really think that Jeremy will keep this a secret? Wow. We thought Elena was delusional when she was on her own martyr campaign. We suppose Bonnie learned from the best.

Parting thoughts:

Was the soap dish really the best place to keep the moonstone?

Couldn't they have used vamp speed instead of having Stefan run around that house at not-that-fast human speed?


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