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The Vampire Diaries: Klaus, the wannabe Werevampire.

That's right, I'm sexier than Edward and Jacob combines

This week's The Vampire Diaries had a whole lot of gracious Elijah. Whom we like, so we're glad he's back. Elena likes him too, but the brothers Salvatore? Not as much. Stefan's willing to put tentative trust in him, but Damon's a no-go.

So Elena removed the dagger that killed Elijah, and got Elijah back on her team with a little coaxing. Good thing, too, since he had the info that the curse was really about, and that neither Elena nor Bonnie would have to die to kill Klaus. What the curse is really about...(this is for you, all you Underworld fans)...is that since Klaus's father was a werewolf, and his whole family turned into vampires, he's got the makings of a super destructive Werevampire who can make his own race of baddies to be unleashed on the world, but some witches place a curse on him to repress his were side to prevent this. And Klaus is eager to break the curse and be fully demonic.

Poor Jenna's in on the whole vampire thing now. We feel sorry for her since she's afraid and probably feels like a chump since everyone, literally everyone knew about it except her. Didn't help that Alaric's body was inhabited by Klaus, who for some unknown reason showed up at Jenna's house to antagonize her??? We mean, he has a bunch of work to do, but he chooses to spend time messing with his host body's girlfriend? For what reason? We don't know. But now Jenna's scared.

Klaus regained his body this ep in a way that totally looked like a magic show. Big person-sized trunk on its end. Alaric, standing next to the trunk, crumples, then the big trunk opens slowly...and out emerges Klaus! Let's have a big round of applause everybody! The only thing it lacked was a scantily clad magician's assistant.

Things are coming to a head on our favorite show. We're almost beginning to feel the pangs of emptiness of the summer hiatus since it seems like things are wrapping up for the season. Next week we've been promised something big...we'll see.


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