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Glee Podcast: "Funeral"

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Oh, Glee, why must you make us weep openly? It's not fair to deploy WIlly Wonka when we're emotionally invested -- that's bound to bring on the waterworks!

Seriously, Jeanie's funeral was wonderfully touching, but we're a bit bummed that the show had to knock her off to make Sue human again. Maybe if she hadn't descended so far into caricature (Really, Sue? Libya?), they wouldn't have had to take such drastic measure. Lindsey, Janine and I also discuss song choices (Lindsey and I loved Kurt's song, while Janine was unimpressed), Jesse's attractiveness, Schue's potential fate (why pack up everything if you only think you'll be gone for a few months at most?) and Mercedes' and Rachel's awesome pipes. Plus, what's Quinn planning, and will any of us survive her wrath?

Listen to our Glee podcast for "Funeral" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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I totally agree with you guys about Quinn, I feel like her story line is the same thing over and over again and it's become really annoying.

Also this is the one thing that everybody is saying, that this episode of One Tree Hill could have perfectly worked has the series finale. I totally blame the CW execs for this, because Mark actually filmed two endings for this episode, one that could have worked for the series finale (this one) and another one with a cliffhanger. If the CW had notified them of the pick-up a few days before, OTH could have ended with an amazing cliffhanger that could have drawn the viewers into the next season.

I am a die hard fan of One Tree Hill, and yet the only thing that is getting me excited for the next season is that Chad Michael Murray has stated that he is open to a guest appearance, and the CW heads have stated that they will try to get them in. Other than that, I totally agree that unless they have Dan murdering everyone in the next season, it will be really hard to stay interested.

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