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Gossip Girl: Back to School

It's right about here that Dan should have really started to get suspicious. Unfortunately, his mutton chops caused brain wave interference.

The gang on Gossip Girl returned to their old high school stomping grounds for a fancy fundraiser this week. Dan asked Charlie to accompany him while Blair and her prince decided to use the event as the perfect venue for their coming out as a royal couple. Chuck pulled a fast one on Thorpe with help from an unlikely ally and revealed a mystery that will forever change his fate. Serena had to grapple with both Dan and Blair moving on while she’s without a beau or a confidante. Rufus returned to his role as house dad while Nate proved he’s a bit of a gossip. Here are some other thoughts:

Best dream: Blair, once again, took on the role of Audrey Hepburn in her latest dream. We wish our dreams could be as sweet.

Weirdest breakfast: Charlie and Dan gorge on sugary treats for breakfast without any explanation as to why they are forgoing syrup for Sour Patch Kids.

Biggest stalker: Charlie reads Dan’s stories online. She either mimics Serena’s style or blatantly steals her clothes and in the middle of a full-throttle hook up, she asks Dan to call her by his ex-girlfriend’s name. Creepy!

Biggest clue: Charlie takes prescription drugs that she sometimes fails to ingest when things are going well. Let’s take bets on which mental illness she’s afflicted with.

Biggest improvement: Last time we saw Jack he was sporting facial hair fit for a shag rug. This time around, his grooming practices adhere to current trends, although he should try the clean-shaven look.

Continue reading to find out who was the episode's worst dressed.

Worst dressed: The normally impeccable bombshell looked like a trapeze artist at her own engagement party. If Blair is going to be a princess, she better start dressing like one.

Most welcome comeback: Cyrus saves the day again. Who knew an odd knowledge of birds would save the day and Blair’s ascent to the throne?

Best advice: Drink the right amount of champagne and your feet won’t hurt from wearing heels. Drink the right amount of champagne and you won’t be able to walk in them either.

Best advice part two: Charlie tells Dan that you shouldn’t leave high school without doing it on a desk. Is that how they do things in Florida?

Biggest twist: Jack tricked Thorpe and Raina into thinking he was on their side, but he really was working on Chuck’s behalf. As the Thorpes know, blood is thicker than water. If anyone is going to destroy Chuck, it’s going to be one of his own.

Most compassionate: Chuck could ruin Thorpe now that he has video evidence that Bart was not the one who killed Avery, but instead just merely banishes him from New York.

Biggest gossip: Nate just tells Raina the truth about her father without any prompting or begging. Don’t tell him any secrets.

Weirdest logic: Dan says he was taking things slow with Charlie because of his history with Serena and when Serena flips out over Charlie wearing her dress, Dan acts as if all bets are off. So, he’s going after Charlie as an act of revenge?

Worst fiancée: Blair can’t keep going back to Chuck. While it was honorable that she warned him of his uncle’s return, she could have reached him by phone instead of visiting his hotel. This dependence on Chuck backfires when she runs to his call of distress and it turns out that Thorpe placed the call.

What did you think? The finale looks to be a doozy. Will Blair choose Chuck? Will Blair even survive to make that choice?


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Next week looks awesome from the preview!

2 things to say:

I on the contrary loved Blairs engagement dress

I on the contrary think Jack Back looks better with facial hair (it covers up more)
(That last thing, was a joke I couldn't resist, 'cause I really do like it)

Why does Jack still have that stupid facial hair? He looks like an extra in Starsky and Hutch!

I'm fairly certain they won't kill off Blair. As much as I hang on the Blair and Chuck moments I actually felt bad for Louis.. Charlie needs to go and take Vanessa with her. Bring back Ben instead!

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