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Gossip Girl: Happily Ever After

I come bearing couture

Fairy tales do come true, even on Gossip Girl. This week’s episode found Blair jockeying for a position, alongside some real royalty, for the hand of her fair prince, and Serena doing her best to trip up the proceedings. Charlie showed her true colors, cementing the fact that her bloodline knows a thing or two about conniving, and proved that all is fair in love and war. Chuck continued yet another downward spiral soaked in booze, while Nate defied him and revealed the truth to Raina about her mother. Here are some other thoughts:

Most welcome turn of events: Rufus gets a chance to produce a record by an unknown indie rock band. This will get him out of the house and away from the television set. He can wear that old leather jacket if it means he’ll regain his substance.

Biggest broken record: When questioned about his relationship with Charlie, Dan gives the “we’re just friends” line. Doesn’t he say this about every girl he gets close to?

Best accessory: A pillbox hat for church. If only we could have seen Blair wearing one. We’ll just have to imagine the Jackie Kennedy possibilities.

Best stalker: We’re sure Vanessa didn’t mean to spy on Dan and Charlie when the dashing blond gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek, but she always seems to have the best view.

Biggest backstabber: Serena alerts the royal family and gives up Blair’s cover. Is there anything she won’t do to thwart Blair’s happiness?

Most pathetic: Vanessa scores a scholarship to study abroad, but she can’t, in good conscience, leave Dan in the clutches of Serena and Blair. Dan doesn’t need a babysitter and she should focus on the opportunities ahead. And the reasoning that B and S will corrupt his soul is just a load of BS. Vanessa proved a mere kidnapping ago that she’s capable of corruption.

Best line: When Vanessa admits she can’t leave until she knows Dan is OK, Charlie says snottily she’ll make sure he takes his vitamins.

Continue reading for details on one of the most romantic moments in Gossip Girl history.

Best middle name: Scandal. Blair should wear the badge proudly.

Worst product placement: As if it wasn’t bad enough that the camera focused on Charlie’s search engine of choice, telling Dan about a restaurant she found on Bing pushed the scene into commercial territory.

Biggest fool: Chuck knows how to make an entrance and he knows how to sweep a girl off of her feet. Showing up to a party intoxicated and possessive will not win the heart of any fair maiden, even if she is your rightful soul mate. This behavior undoubtedly pushed Blair right into the arms of a prince. He should have at least flashed the engagement ring.

Most conniving: Charlie feigns innocence, but she’s been in New York long enough to know how to play the game. She managed to con Dan and Vanessa in one fell swoop of a dinner party. Even better, she managed to further alienate Vanessa from Dan. In the event of a true showdown with Serena, Charlie just proved she’s a formidable foe.

Most romantic: Blair finally getting the proposal she deserves from a man willing to forsake family and the throne for her love.

Most misguided anger: Raina is understandably upset when Nate confides in her, but forcing Nate to choose between her and his best friend and blaming Chuck for her mother’s demise is over the top. Bringing Jack into the fold also makes her vindictive. Bart Bass and her husband sealed Avery Thorpe’s fate. Neither Chuck nor Raina should have to suffer for their mistakes.

Will Blair actually get married or will she realize her destiny lies with Chuck? Will Blair and Serena make up in time for the bridesmaids’ dress fitting? Will Nate really throw years of friendship down the drain for a girl? What do you think?


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I really hope that Blair and the prince get married! Yeah, he is totally too good for her, but hes better than Chuck. The last episode was so intense! Can't wait to see next weeks!

Her destiny lies with Chuck...? Really?

What about the pretty intense scene at the end of the episode? Talk about misguided anger. I found that last scene a little bit of a shark jump for Chuck and Blair.

Then, I read an article criticizing the show because one of the producers gave an interview claiming Chuck has never and will never hurt Blair. Also, Blair wasn't scared, she was worried. It was REALLY strange how off-putting his comments were.

Do you think Gossip Girl has written themselves into a bit of a corner with this one?

I was hoping it would be mentioned in your recap, but it wasn't. I at least hope it gets some consideration on your podcast.

Thanks for the hard work. Love the show.

Anyone who thinks Blair and the prince will actually get married is a fool.

Why does Dan attract such psychos?

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