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Gossip Girl: Letting go

"Look! We're having a lightheartedly quirky and vaguely explicable time!"

Great love and the right love battled it out on the bittersweet finale of Gossip Girl. Blair escaped a murder attempt with little fanfare and crashed a bar mitzvah with Chuck while Louis awaited her arrival. Dan, Serena, Vanessa and Nate scoured the halls of the school in an effort to locate the loopy Charlie as Lily and Rufus played reconnaissance under house arrest. Georgina returned eager to escape her new role as trophy wife and take a break from baby Milo. Vanessa discovered Dan’s years-in-the-making manuscript while Raina broke Nate’s heart by returning to Chicago. Here are some other thoughts:

Best guest appearance: Airborne Toxic Event seamlessly fit into the storyline while previewing its latest material.

Best ring: Say what you will about Blair’s rock, but the award goes to Georgina’s cushion-cut bling. Her new hubby shows well too. On the surface Georgina’s got it all, but such a gifted schemer will never be satisfied by the straight life.

Best liar: Raina talks Thorpe down from igniting the place with words of forgiveness and redemption. As soon as he dropped the lighter, Raina put on her mean face and informed Thorpe that he’ll be spending the next two decades in prison.

Biggest letdown: For a hostage situation, the drama surrounding Blair’s impending demise was tepid at best. Thorpe succumbed without even putting up a fight. Even the door Chuck broke down to reach Blair surrendered to his shoulder with ease.

Worst decision: After her rescue, Blair agrees to one drink with Chuck. Talk about famous last words. One drink turned into a full-blown party. We’re not sure Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” fits the average bar mitzvah, but Blair and Chuck’s steamy chemistry fit the smoldering tune.

Continue reading to find out the episode's biggest shocker.

Most steadfast: As everyone headed for the exits, Louis remained behind to wait for Blair to meet him in a showy display of devotion. The act isn’t lost on Chuck, who remembers he only waited for Blair on top of the Empire State Building for a fraction of the time.

Most heartbreaking: Blair realizes that happiness is secondary to the burning passion of once-in-a-lifetime love just as Chuck realizes that crazy love can’t sustain a couple for the long haul. Chuck pushes Blair into Louis’ arms, forcing her to let go of him for real. Both know it’s the right path, but it hurt to watch these soul mates separate.

Most ballsy: While on a mission to find Charlie, Vanessa stops and reads an entire novel. She finds Dan’s manuscript amongst his private papers and then calls him to berate him for not publishing the material. She tells him he can’t be an insider and make art. Once again, Vanessa butts her nose into someone else’s business and becomes critical of actions she’s guilty of herself. Of course Dan wants to be a part of Serena’s world and has succeeded while Vanessa is still on the fringes despite her ill-fated efforts to join in on the fun. To make matters worse, she takes the book to a publisher under the guise of Dan’s literary manager before she runs off to Spain. Is she taking this action because she truly believes in Dan’s work or is she trying to destroy him? Regardless, when the book hits the shelves, Dan can say goodbye to his friends.

Biggest déjà vu: Serena calls Dan and Nate to meet her…again. Instead of choosing one ex-boyfriend over the other, she chooses a summer alone to find herself.

Biggest shocker: Carol hired a girl to play Charlie in order to gain access to her daughter’s trust fund. Carol likes to think she’s different from Lily, but she’s definitely inherited the scheming gene. Fake Charlie (her real name is Ivy) pulls a fast one on Carol and stashes a stack of the trust fund checks in her bag. Armed with Georgina’s phone number, she hops back on the bus to New York to wreak havoc next season.

Biggest shocker, take two: Blair’s prepared to spend the summer in Monaco, laying on the beach in a bikini with a cocktail in one hand and Louis in the other. A positive pregnancy test left behind in her New York trash can might derail Blair’s plans. Somebody call Maury Povich because Blair needs to request a paternity test after that impromptu tryst with Chuck.

Dan and Chuck Eric (thanks for the catch, Casey) head off to the Hamptons for the summer while Chuck and Nate blindly choose a destination. Rufus and Lily settle for a summer at home as Serena jets off alone to Malibu where she secures a job with a movie mogul within minutes of arriving. Blair promises to exchange emails with Dan from across the pond and looks forward to a November wedding. What did you think?


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so was it just me that yelled "FINALLY!!" when Raina announced she was heading home ?!

Wasn't sure if y'all would see this if I posted this under ep. 19. Y'all have the title as "The Princess and the Frog". According to the CW's website it's "The Princesses and the Frog". I interpret this as the Princesses being the ones Sophie flew in and the Frog being Blair.

Probably Serena's. There's always Ben.

The last part of this recap is wrong. it says "Dan and Chuck head off to the Hamptons for the summer" That was Dan and Eric! This was actually a good episode in oppinion. Heres to a better season 5 than 4...

That test could have been Serena's as well. Her and Blair both share a bathroom and it was in the trash can on Serena's side of the bathroom. The obvious choice would be Blair. But I wouldn't rule out Serena. It could always be a false positive as well. Also check this out: http://www.tvline.com/2011/04/may-sweeps-scorecard-deaths-weddings-pregnancies-sex-reunions-and-more/

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