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Gossip Girl Podcast: "The Wrong Goodbye"

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The season finale of Gossip Girl left us with a few genuine surprises, a few lingering questions, and the last suspenseful hostage drama of all time. Seriously, does Russell Thorpe honestly think he's a bad-ass? Because he folded like a cheap suit when Raina deployed her puppy-dog eyes. Feh.

Lindsey, Janine and I discuss true love (is it tempestuous dram and occasional crashed bar mitzvahs, or is it someone who will wait at a party for hours because he believes in you?), true narcissism (seriously, Serena had to get Nate and Dan to schlep out to school so she could tell them... nothing?), true guile (we seriously didn't see the Charlie reveal coming) and true hate (there's nothing redeeming about Vanessa. Out!). Plus, we argue about Serena's vacation plans and job prospects, wonder about the pregnancy test, and debate the changes in Eric's physique over the past seasons. All that, plus Georgina! Wheee!

Listen to our Gossip Girl podcast for "The Wrong Goodbye" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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