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Hellcats: Feet don't fail me now

"Hey, you know what I just realized? We are all REALLY hot!"

This week on Hellcats we spend the evening pretty much setting up for the season finale next week. Lewis and Alice team up for a good cause. Savanna’s dad gives up. And Marti and Julian heat up, despite the other woman in his life.

A foot fetish
Lewis registers for the annual Push FM Dance Marathon in order to win the car for his dad. He asks Nasty Kathy to be his partner and of course, Alice hates that. She doesn’t even like that a member of the Cyclones hangs out in their workout room—let alone paws on her ex. Then, as it turns out, weird Morgan has dance experience. We were wondering what happened to him--seems he just waltzed into bizarre storyline land. So Alice asks him to be her man…for the contest, at least.

The entire town shows up. After 24 hours, they’ll see who is still workin’ it on the dance floor. The rules are easy, they get a five minute break once every hour and all other times they must remain moving or they’re disqualified. With Nationals in two weeks, it’s a dangerous game. Apparently, it’s not just a matter of staying on your feet, there are judges who keep score and everything. After five hours Kathy’s bum knee is hurting. Alice offers to step in and Kathy tells Lewis that it’s her or the car. He opts for the car. So NK is out and Alice is in. And we can't say we'll miss her much. And though Alice regrets her poor choice in shoes, she troops on. But with one minute and just two couples left, they’re forced to pick up the pace. The fabulous gay couple starts with the lifts and of course, our cheerleaders keep the pace. They win the contest but lose the war—Alice’s feet are not good but she swears that she will be fine by Nationals.

The next day, they give Lewis’ father his new car but Alice is on crutches. She’s a giver. And this time she wins more than just a car—she wins back Lewis' heart.

The trials of a May/December romance
Marti has a dinner date with Julian. Wanda cautions her to have fun but manage her expectations. The advice comes in handy when Julian cancels on her at the last minute. When Marti wants answers, she shows up at his house the next morning and discovers his daughter, Nicky. He’s legally separated and the divorce is pending. His therapist advises a six month waiting period before introducing the kid to a potential mate. So it’s touchy.

Julian promises to make up for it by making her dinner the next night. With flowers and a little Roxy Music, the man has some serous moves. But a small kitchen fire and a couple of white lies has Marti wondering if she’s asking for trouble with this new relationship.

Papa don’t preach
Savannah’s dad is charged with 18 counts of thievery, bribery and general public mistrust. The FBI freezes their assets so the gals have no funds to work with. He’s given a public defender who is lame and the family is seriously desperate. So Savannah asks Marti to ask Julian to take the case. With their accounts frozen they can’t pay him OR take care of bail. Savannah suggests that they ask the church for help—from their “Angel Fund.” Mom is on the Board of Directors and Pops has given his life to the place. But Mom is reluctant. She’s not exactly convinced that her hubby is innocent. But Savannah is not so willing to give up on him. With a little prodding, Savannah’s mom ends up getting the bail money from the church’s “Angel Fund” and springs her criminal hubby.

But a fatherly felon is not Savannah’s only problem. Dan’s dad is a teacher and his pension plan was gutted as a result of her father’s crimes. He can’t retire next year like he wanted and Dan’s family blames Savannah’s dad. But Savannah needs to know that she can depend on Dan to support her. He assures her that she can. But just when Savannah feels like everything is coming together she gets a call from her father. Unfortunately, he feels that he must make things right but he can’t do that from prison. So he splits town. Seriously? What a coward.


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Fantastic episode! I love Marti and Juilan together, so sexy.

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