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One Tree Hill Podcast: "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul"

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One Tree Hill wound up a lot of plotlines this week, and Darcel and I are nonplussed. All that buildup for a fistfight in a creek? That's IT? And then there's Quinn -- who in the writers' room has she pissed off that she gets stuck with these plotlines? Maybe she should send them a cookie bouquet or something to get on their collective good side. Plus, Darcel and I discuss Brooke's miracle pregnancy, awkward conversations, the Air Force's seriously lax drug tests, Jamie's sporting life, ways to bring back Dan, and the natural habitat of the stripey and/or snipey plover. (I really hope it's snipey. That just sounds like the sort of bird I could respect.)

Listen to our One Tree Hill podcast for "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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I hope we have seen the last of Ian. He was a complete Douchebag. But as I said before there was no where else this storyline could go and with only a couple of episodes left this would have taken up some time plot wise.

I think it was kinda obvious that Dan wouldn't be in the episode especially how his name wasn't in the credits.

Broke's pregnancy took me by surprise. I mean how in the world did she get pregant after the doc said she couldn't. Did she get a new uterus or something. lol I always fall asleep in biology class.

But I agree that Dan should know about Lydia, at least meet her once and then never see her again.

Am I the only one that didn't like Jamie when he made fun at Chuck because his mum never showed up.

But I can imagine Mouth being a lawman, he would be better than Steven Segal. lol

Great podcast as always

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