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One Tree Hill Podcast: "Where Not to Look for Freedom"

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We had some juicy plot developments this week on One Tree Hill, but we're guessing we won't know for sure how they'll pan out until we hear whether OTH is back for season nine. Will the River Court be condo-ized? Will Brooke and Julian move to New York? Will Nate go all Dan on Ian's ass? And will someone, for the love of all that is holy, make sure that Quinn never sings again?

Darcel and I speculate on the answers to all these questions, plus postulate about skateboard chauffeurs, reincarnated wives, ways to terrify a baby, where Mouth's next career move might take him, who's really responsible for the crash, and how a season nine might work. Plus, more plot ideas from Darcel! You know you love them...

Listen to our One Tree Hill podcast for "Where Not to Look for Freedom" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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OTH please don't come back! I mean don't get me wrong once I really loved the show (is there any chance to podcast previous seasons, girls??), but don't we all think the horse has been beaten to death??

In a way I was kinda shocked and kinda not about the whole Ian situation. I'm pretty sure that everyone called it weeks ago but I was surprised to find out his dad has taken the fall and he still treats him like s#@t.

Darcel your theories always kill me and the one about Daugust being Kellerman's wife reincarnated was genius.

OTH has to be picked up for a ninth season I mean how can it not. Its gotten beeter ratings tha both Gossip Girl and 90210.

Great podcast as always

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