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The Vampire Diaries: Deathbed Confessions

You don't understand! If I die, the hotness factor of this show will decrease by at least 15 hotness points!

The season finale of The Vampire Diaries was killer. We resisted the impulse to shriek through most of it, but we confess that a couple slipped out. We did not see Stefan the Ripper or the kiss Elena gave Damon coming. We were blindsided by Jeremy's death at the hands of Liz Forbes. We should have seen the staking of Elijah, but we're not too worried because we know he can be resurrected. And he better be, just so we can hear him say, "I was wrong, and you were right." to the Mystic Falls posse.

Read on for the recap!

So the catalyst for a lot of this episode's shenanigans was Damon's wolf bite. It was making him glisten with glycerin and his subconscious do some serious soul searching. To be fair, our fave bad boy did look terrible and as though he was in agony. So of course noble Stefan was determined to find a cure for him.

Which made him go visit Bonnie, who in turn had to go talk to her spirit kin. Only to find out that they are pissed at her for abusing their power so grievously. Everybody knows you have to make offerings to your spiritual ancestors! She could have brought them some lemonade or something, right? Or at least have come by to say thank you before demanding another favor. That promised to bite her in the tush a little bit later in the ep. They did give up the name Klaus though, inspiring Stefan to go to Alaric's apartment to ask Katherine where to find Klaus.

Which is when Klaus stakes Elijah, then turns to negotiate with Stefan. Stefan wants the cure. Klaus wants a blood-thirsty sidekick. Hey, I know what! Let's trade! Only Klaus stuffs Stefan full of human blood before agreeing to offer some of his own blood as a cure for Damon. Ruh-roh. He refers to some massacre that Stefan performed in the early 20th century, killing a whole village of migrant workers. So apparently Stefan has a past marred with uncontrolled violence that Klaus wants to capture for his own needs. For a full decade. That's a loooong time, friends.

Which might just pave the way for Damon and Elena to explore their feelings for each other. Wouldn't that be interesting.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes was goaded by Lady Lockwood into doing something about the vampires, so of course she heads over to the Salvatore mansion to capture Damon. Which is a genius plan. Whatever could go wrong. Of course Damon escapes and goes to look for Elena. So of course the Sheriff is in hot pursuit. So of course when she finds him, we guess at the Mystic Grille? she aims for his heart and fires. Missing him entirely and killing Jeremy in the process. Lovely.

Caroline tries to save him with her vamp blood to no avail. Good thing his girlfriend's a witch and can take him to be enlivened again. Only this time the spirits are not amused, and bring him back "with consequences". Which is apparently that he sees dead people. And not just any dead people. His ex-girlfriends. We're delighted to see Anna again though. Vicki? Meh.

So back to Stefan. He's consumed hella pints of blood and is on a roll. Klaus gives the bottle of healing blood to Katherine to deliver to Damon and then takes Stefan on a test to see if he will chase an innocent frightened girl and kill her in terror. Turns out yes, Stefan's up to the challenge!

Meanwhile Damon is making a deathbed confession to Elena that he gets it, it wasn't Stefan's fault that he's a vamp, that he himself made that choice on his own. Followed by he's not sorry for any of his mistakes because they were the path to meeting Elena...and that he loves her, and she should have met him in 1864. She tells him that she likes him exactly the way he is. Just as it seems like he might take his last breath, she leans forward and gives him the tenderest, sweetest kiss imaginable. Enter Katherine with the antidote, and voila, He's healed, Katherine's gone, and now things are...awkward.

How will we make it until September!? Will Stefan turn back to the dark side? Will Elena find out and give in to Damon's considerable charms? Or will she blame Damon for Stefan's being forced to embrace his evil side? Will Sheriff Forbes be won over to the vamp side now that she's got an understanding of Caroline? Will we ever find out the difference between "I'm getting a tasty snack from your neck" and "now I'm killing you", which looks the same to us? Will Bonnie and Jeremy's relationship cool down now that he's got his ex-girlfriends following him around? We mean, who wants to make out when you've got an audience of exes?

We can't wait for fall.


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I absolutely loved the finale and the interaction w/ Elena and Damon..i kept it on my dvr and watch it over and over..it's so intimate and loving i just cant stop rewinding!! I cannot wait till it comes on again i love love love this show...oh and thanks for the recap :)

Stefan the best!!!

Am I the only one who doesn't care for Damon/Elena as a couple? The way I see it, if, to have Delena together, they have to completely screw over Stefan's character, then they aren't that good because they can't last without Stefan being totally effed up. That's not fair to Stefan or his character. I'd much rather see Damon and Bonnie's friendship develop further and maybe have them together in like Season 4 or something. Delena just bores the hell out of me because its a poor man's version of Buffy/Spike with worse writing and worse acting.

I think besides Supernatural, Vampire Diaries loves to bring back the dead. Seems that olden days Stefan would give Angelus a run for his money. I liked the finale, we got Damon back (yeah) and now season three is set, with a Stefan that is not the goody good that he has been for the first two seasons.

thanks for the recap...can't wait to see season3

I loved the finale! I think Jeremy can just see the dead in general, which makes me think we'll be seeing Jenna again. And Alaraic is definitely going to be their father figure now. All we have to do is wait for fall! :(

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