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The Vampire Diaries: Orphan-makers

"You're right, I do look even hotter by candlelight."

It wouldn't have surprised us if it had started raining frogs on this week's The Vampire Diaries. We were given a full moon, three rings of fire capturing the three sacrifices, the destruction of the moonstone, dripping bloody hearts into a sacrificial font, and of course the bodies from whom those hearts came.

Now, don't get us wrong, we love us some good deep-forest secret paranormal rituals, but in general, we prefer not to know the sacrificees. It makes us sad. We didn't really think that they would let Jenna be killed. We <3 Jenna. Well, now we <3 our memories of her. We weren't the hugest Jules fans, but she had her reasons for being the way she was, and her intent was noble regarding Tyler. She didn't deserve to have her heart ripped out.

Let's talk for a sec about redemption. We're in mourning for Uncle John now, too. What a selfless thing he did, and it saved Elena from being a vampire. This time. Seems like he really did love his daughter, with no ulterior motive. So now Elena and Jeremy really are all alone in the world without parents. Elena's even had the disadvantage to lose two whole sets of parents plus a guardian. Note to self: Fostering the Gilbert kids should come with an additional combat training bonus and time off to use it. Short life-span is guaranteed to those who take on that job.

Now for the thing that has us genuinely worried. Damon's wolf bite. There has to be a cure, there just has to be. If they can find a way to save Elena in their...books, then there must be a way to help Damon. Damon, who looked at Elena so tenderly, brushing her locks out of her face when he sincerely said that she needed to come back, and not as a vampire so she wouldn't hate him for eternity. We were shivering at that moment. We love that the first thing she saw when she woke up was Damon.

Yay for Caroline and Tyler still being friends. Boo for Matt dumping Caroline. We hope he goes off of the vervain so he can be lulled back into a state of blissful ignorance, and her mom too, for that matter. Mini-cheer for Bonnie and Jeremy's evolving relationship. Hugs to Alaric who's lost his love, Jenna.

Lastly, we're super disappointed in Elijah. We were thrilled when he was resurrected 'cause we dig him. We do understand the compulsion to find his family and that Klaus might truly be the key to finding them, but still. Jenna died for nothing. Witchypoo died for nothing. Jules died for nothing. Damon was bitten for nothing. Elijah, we suspect you'll have all next season to redeem yourself, but we recommend doing it sooner rather than later. We want you to be a good guy.

Next week is the season finale. We're already considering going into a coma induced by a lack of TVD all summer. This next one better tide us over for a while.


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Can they really get away with killing off Damon? I like badass Bonnie, just wish that she had more to do then show up to do a little magic, then be gone from the screen. I really didn't think that Jenna was going to die, I thought that somehow she was going to escape. I think that John redeemed himself by finally being a father and doing right for Elena.

If Klaus is a vampire/werewolf hybrid, does that make his wolf side human? I mean in terms of the show, werewolves and humans can have children. So does that make him vampire/werewolf/HUMAN???? I getting confused when I think about it.

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