May 18, 2011

Hellcats: Get FEMA on the line--we're having a nationals disaster

"Not even these delicious, delicious cookies can make me feel better. That doesn't mean you can have any."

A horrible outbreak of strep throat is just the beginning of the Hellcats’ woes as they head to Atlanta for Nationals. Before the competition is through, Savannah will bail on the squad to be by her sister’s side as she delivers her premature spawn, a random squad member will break her arm and Lewis will be locked in a hotel bathroom by Nasty Kathy.

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May 11, 2011

Hellcats: Feet don't fail me now

"Hey, you know what I just realized? We are all REALLY hot!"

This week on Hellcats we spend the evening pretty much setting up for the season finale next week. Lewis and Alice team up for a good cause. Savanna’s dad gives up. And Marti and Julian heat up, despite the other woman in his life.

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May 4, 2011

Hellcats: Papa's got a brand new bag

"Ok Aly, this is getting a little too meta for me."

This week on Hellcats Marti digs further into her family tree and finds an unexpected branch and we wonder what ever happened to Travis, while Savannah and Nasty Kathy go head-to-head with the baby shower planning. And Red’s ex slinks into town to dig up some dirt, but not before she exposes the man for the cheater he is.

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April 26, 2011

Hellcats: Aly Michalka Talks Final Episodes of Season 1

Things are winding down on Hellcats, and we've got the scoop on what to expect from star Aly Michalka. Take a look!


CW next season: Top Model All-Stars, plus the return of Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

OK, CW fans, you can exhale now. The network announced early pickups of some of its top shows today, and we think you're going to be pleased.

First off, America's Next Top Model will return with an All-Stars edition, featuring previous model hopefuls who were "breakout characters" and who "had the most memorable stories from past cycles." Our question: Does that mean they'll be bringing back the girls who had the most potential to make it in the modeling world? Or will they concentrate on the people who brought the most drama? We're pretty sure it will be the latter...

In other, not-at-all surprising, news, the net announced it would be bringing back hit shows "The Vamprie Diaries" and "Supernatural." We couldn't imagine them dumping "Dairies," which is the network's most watched show. "Supernatural" not only survived the move to Friday nights, it thrived in what could have been a death slot. We're thrilled it will be back.

Finally, the CW confirmed what we'd already guessed -- buzz-bait shows "Gossip Girl" (which is not only the net's second most popular show with its key demo but is also a key provider of magazine-cover starlets) and "90210" (which wins big when DVR data is taken into account) will be back.

We're also interested in what's not in the announcement. TV Guide reported that Bethany Joy Galeoti and Sophia Bush had both signed on for another season of "One Tree Hill," but so far the network has remained mum. Then there's newbie dramas "Hellcats" and "Nikita" -- will they stick around? We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything!

April 19, 2011

Hellcats: Some very dead cheerleaders and a semi-alive father

"I said I'm NOT A CHEATER!!

It’s been six weeks since the last new eppie of Hellcats. We knew the folks from Cheer Town would be coming back strong to end the season but we thought they’d slowly ease back in. Instead, they kicked it into high gear and got down to the nitty gritty as soon as they returned. This week Alice dabbles in investigative reporting, which leaves some pals on the wrong end of the story, Dan Patch directs a zombie film and Marti discovers the ugly truth about her father.

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Hellcats press conference: Zombies and Cheerleaders?!

Just because they're undead doesn't mean they can't talk to the press.

Last week The CW held a press conference with Hellcats executive producer Kevin Murphy, stars Aly Michalka, Robbie Jones, Heather Hemmens, Matt Bar, and special guest AJ Michalka.

We’ve all seen the trailer for tonight and yes, it has zombies. But they don’t appear in the typical dream sequence, they are very real… or as real as they can get when shooting a film for Dan’s film school application.

"Seeing what Dan did I don't think he needs film school. I think Universal would want to hire him right now," said Matt, but on the episode Dan isn't so sure this will get him in.
Murphy explains that he decided to bring Dan into school to give him more points of access to other characters. "He's now a film student and that's going to be an area that we're going to go to for stories for the balance of the season and for next season."

Read on to find what else is in store for our Hellcats.

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March 2, 2011

Hellcats: Werewolves and unicorns are as rare as a quality baby daddy

"You guys, this baby is NOT waiting until April 19..."

It’s all about the dads this week on Hellcats. Well, there’s a couple of story lines that include dads, which we’ll get to shortly, but we’re more interested in what kind of love connection may or may not have happened between Lewis and Nasty Cathy!

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February 23, 2011

Hellcats: One wedding, one almost wedding and a jailhouse visit

"If this bandage dress doesn't do it, nothing will."

It’s wedding season and relationships are put to the ultimate test this week on Hellcats. Derrick steps up the wedding plans, Alice considers visiting Jake in the big house and Dan Patch returns…for a weekend.

When Uncle Sam calls…
Derrick’s army reserve unit is shipping out and he announces that he's going to be gone for at least a year. He ships out in three days and wants to get hitched before he leaves. After all, if he has to go he wants to know that he’s married to the woman he loves.

When Vanessa sees Red she confides in him that she's nervous about getting married, but also tells him that she’s not about to throw away her solid relationship on a whim—and HE is a whim. He asks her if she’d want to marry Derrick if he felt something about another woman and Vanessa doesn’t have much of an answer for that.

But the next day when she and Derek are filling out the marriage certificate, Vanessa can’t manage to sign on the dotted line. She tells her betrothed that she thought she’d have more time to be sure about them. He asks her if it’s about Red Raymond and her silence says it all. And Derrick is such a good guy that he tells her that he just wanted to make her happy and that if he can’t do that then he hopes that Red can. Way to send a guy off to the front lines, Vanessa!

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February 16, 2011

Hellcats: When God closes a door he opens a window, and other clichés

"You think you've got it bad? Have you seen the uniform they make us run around in?

Finally, the producers of Hellcats kick off the hour with a little something for the ladies—Alice takes Savannah to watch some Memphis firefighters play a sweaty, shirtless game of basketball. She does it with the supposed intention of cheering up her pal. Instead, the girl lays in deep about how Marti is going to bring down Lancer football and life as they know it will end. At least there’s eye candy for scenery.

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February 9, 2011

Hellcats: In your face with a bunch of history

"Sorry -- we wouldn't let them take a picture of us with our old hair."

It’s getting down and dirty with the Hellcats and before we can clear the air and set things straight, we have to take a trip to the past to see how they were all assembled.

Marti shoves the disc that could send Jake to jail and end Lancer football (and cheer) as we know it, under the cash register in her mom’s bar. It’s become clear that she must choose between her collegiate life and Lancer’s football program and justice for Travis. But rather than make it easy, Alice wants to stick it in her face and show her just how many lives will be changed by her decision.

And, rather than be careful and take care of herself, Marti goes for a run in the dead of night and even stops to call her long-lost BFF Dan (who is not at all interested in talking) and is then promptly abducted by hooded strangers.

Luckily, it turns out that Marti was never officially initiated into the Hellcats so she’s not really in immediate danger. The cheer team kidnaps her while she runs as a way to make it up to her and then they offer up some back story in order to show her just how important the Lancers Hellcats are. Ah-hem, please don’t drop the spirit stick. Then they make fun of the gal who founded the Hellcats in 1985 and promptly flash back to reveal how each of them became a Hellcat.

Read on to learn the history of the Hellcats!

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February 2, 2011

Hellcats: Talk about a quarterback sneak

" 'Cheap whore'? I don't see that."

Mark your schedules, the Hellcats put together a sexy calendar—for charity of course—and are hosting a launch party to sell the thing. Meanwhile, Charlotte hasn’t told her mother she’s knocked up yet, Julian convinces Marti to get evidence against Bill Marsh and no one seems to even notice that Dan Patch is still out of town.

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January 26, 2011

Hellcats: Some witches don't need brooms to fly

"Of course someone else's boyfriend wanted to make out with me. LOOK AT ME."

Everybody hates Marti after she tramped out and kissed Dan and betrayed her roommate and BFF, Savannah, the nicest girl on this side of the Mississippi. So when the Lancer Hellcats hop the bus to sectionals nobody talks to Miz Perkins for the entire seven hour ride—which is as it should be.

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January 25, 2011

Hellcats: Aly Michalka on family drama, strained friendships and why Hellcats kick ass

Hellcats is finally back tonight, and to celebrate we got the scoop straight from Aly Michalka! Aly acknowledges that Marti messed up before the break, but she says her character won't be kept down -- and we wouldn't expect anything less from our girl! Plus, she teases some deep dark family drama that's coming up, speculates on what we can expect from the Marti/Dan/Savannah triangle, and tells us why Marti kicks just as much butt as the action heroes on other shows. Check it out!


December 2, 2010

Hellcats: So many compromising positions, so little time

Gotta love playing up to that Southern cheerleader stereotype.

We’ve seen some of our favorite characters do stupid things that ruin their lives, but this week on Hellcats Marti takes the proverbial cake—rocking the world of everyone around her and possibly trashing her future law career. We blame Wanda for the whole mess.

Savannah tells Marti that Dan broke up with her—and then she slapped him. Well, he did have it coming for waking her up just to give her bad news. Then Dan turns around and admits to Marti that he’s totally taken with her and that he can’t stop thinking about her. But she’s not having it—it doesn’t work for them. Dan issues an ultimatum. He’s all in, but unfortunately Marti’s not where he wants her to be. So, there you have it. He’s out.

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November 18, 2010

Hellcats: Love the one you're with. Or not.

"All my dreams are elaborately choreographed. Aren't yours?"

Marti has some really vivid and well-choreographed Dirty Dancing dreams. Nobody puts Marti in the corner. Not only is the entire Hellcats cheer squad involved but Dan is there and they are kissing and…luckily it’s all a dream. But she’s still disturbed by it when she wakes and she tells Lewis that she was having a bad dream.

Derek’s secret
Vanessa misses Derek. He’s too busy to bother with her because he’s so busy working. Looks like Red’s scheme is working out just as planned. Later, Red just happens to be there when she needs a coffee and a little conversation—she even confides in him that she and Derek are fighting. They get a little playful and even almost end up kissing but she tosses him out of her office before it happens.

As it turns out, Derek is taking dance lessons from the cheerleaders and he’s the whitest black man ever. And it’s all part of a big setup for Derek’s big, extravagant popping of the question, complete with dancing cheerleaders and plenty of pelvic thrusting. He ends up bustin’ a pretty good move before he gets down on his knee and proposes. Naturally, Vanessa says yes but that night she dreams of Red.

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November 11, 2010

Hellcats: That's what friends are for

"If I play this right, I could be a legend. 'Dear Penthouse...' "

Savannah learns the value of a little white lie and Coach Red saves the day for the Hellcats this week. But we have to wonder if anything was really accomplished or if we just dug deeper into each storyline. It may be all unicorns and lollipops on the surface but we feel like things are just about to get real Memphis crazy.

Read on for sneaky law school tactics and old flames re-kindled after the jump.

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November 10, 2010

Chat with Robbie Jones

Our video producer, Catalina Walsh, shares her interview with Hellcat Robbie Jones.

Who’s the right guy for Marti, Dan or Lewis? We had a nice phone chat with Robbie Jones of Hellcats, and he gave us some teasers as to what’s going to happen now that we’ve discovered Marti may have feelings for Dan. “Marti and Lewis are hot and heavy but it seems like last episode Marti’s having trouble… reservations.” And Jones teases this could mess things up with Savannah. Right, but what about Lewis? How is he going to react if he finds out about that kiss we’ve all seen in the previews for tonight’s episode? “Pretty hurt and upset. If his girlfriend cheated and he didn’t know, he’d be devastated. They trusted each other. That would suck. It would mess up the team and there would be a lot of negative consequences.” Uh-oh. Well, we know it’s only a matter of time...

But Lewis has a lot more going on right now. We got a glimpse of his family during the episode “Ragged Old Flag” so we asked Jones if we’re going to see more of them in the near future. “I believe so, not positive… possibly his mother. She wasn’t home on episode six so hopefully we’ll get to see her and see how the family interacts. We’ll see Alice’s father coming up.” That should be interesting. We also found out that “Lewis and Alice’s dad go back.” Let’s not forget Alice and Lewis were an item. Speaking of…

Alice is now with Jake, and Lewis and Jake used to be friends. So what happened? “That will come ahead really soon. Not sure about specifics, but kinda got to figure out why Lewis doesn’t like Jake very much.” Jones also teased there’s more to happen with Alice so we just had to ask about shooting those steamy scenes together. Are they hard to do? “Me personally, no. When Alice and Lewis hooked up for the first time on screen, it was nerve wracking for Heather at first. We were still getting started and it was all real. But on screen you’d never know… We’re used to physicality and kissing by now.”

Lewis also got a new job assisting Red. “It’s nice to see him working on stuff that he’s passionate about. He still likes football. It’ll be fun to get involved with the team behind the scenes while pursuing studies and Nationals with the Hellcats.”

Finally we asked Jones if he has a favorite scene already, and he said some of his favorite ones are with him wearing the “Thriller” outfit. “It was a dream come true to dress up like Mike.” Other favorite moments were “… scenes with his father in the house. I really enjoyed working with the actor, we had good chemistry together. Some of that stuff felt very powerful.”

If you enjoyed seeing Lewis on his “Thriller” outfit, you’ll be happy to learn about this last little teaser. “There will be more dancing to Michael Jackson. I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully that will turn out amazing.”

What do you think? Are you looking forward to that as well? Did this interview make you want to join team Lewis? Post your comments below.

November 4, 2010

Hellcats: Like a virgin...but different

"Eat your heart out, Fred Astaire. You too, M.J."

It’s the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Hellcats in 1985 so they’re celebrating in ‘80s style. Hey, even bobbleheads have a sense of history.

Playing the V card
When Dan and Lewis both end up staying the night in Savannah and Marti’s room it’s uncomfortable—especially when Lewis sleeps in Marti’s bed and Dan grabs a piece of floor. Savannah thinks that everyone is uncomfortable because she is a virgin and really, no one is. They’re just uncomfortable that she continues to talk about being uncomfortable. Finally, Savannah goes out to the couch in the living room. Somebody’s got issues. Frankly, we just think it’s weird that Savannah wears so much lipstick when she goes to bed and that Lewis has started talking like Dr. Phil.

Read on for fabulous '80s dancing and slipped secrets after the jump.

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October 28, 2010

Hellcats: The best laid plans

"Now, who wants to rent one of my scantily-clad, extremely flexible cheerleaders?"

Sectionals are in three weeks in Louisville, and with no funds the Hellcats need to come up with $5,000 to get there on their own. So they take a page from the One Tree Hill/90210 playbook and have a date auction to raise a little money.

Let the date planning begin
Alice plans a date fit for a hooker while Savannah arranges a sweet picnic at a movie house and finally reveals to Dan that there would have to be a promise of marriage for her to have the sex. She likes to have a plan and he’s not a planning kind of guy. You think she might have revealed this earlier in their relationship. Meanwhile, speaking of early in the relationship, Marti and Lewis are sneaking around and making out all around campus. She likes the sneaky action and admits that she feels like once they announce it then it becomes real. He wants to shout “Marti’s my woman” from a mountaintop but since he’s such a nice guy, he’ll give her a little extra time to see what she wants to do.

Read on for date twists and lawyer scheming after the jump!

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