June 9, 2010

Glee: Life's a journey...

Journey5.jpgThe first season of Glee is finally done. The last song was sung, the last tear was shed, the last Sueism was uttered... until next season. In ways it was very predictable. Of course Sue would be the judge, of course Quinn would go into labor and of course they wouldn't win, but Glee club wouldn't be over.

But enough about how smart we are, lets talk some Glee!

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June 2, 2010

Glee: Funk

Funk3.jpgWell, we've been waiting for this. The Gleeks' Glee has collectively faltered and Jesse has outed himself as a Vocal Adrenaline automaton in ill-fitting New Directions clothing. What we weren't waiting for was Will's squirm-inducing use of the term "hump day," Quinn's number with the Unwed Mothership Connection and Sue's Abraham Lincoln diatribe, though all of them did make us squeal.

A lot of plot points and characters were covered, but this episode was much more accessible and tightly-spun than last week. Perhaps because feeling like you're in a funk -- and funk music in general -- is more accessible than "theatricality." After all, everyone gets James Brown, but not everyone understands Lady Gaga's crawdad headpiece.


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May 26, 2010

Glee: Theatricality

Gaga1.jpgAs if Glee weren't enough of a raging cannonball of self-expression, this week's episode chose to blast that cannonball directly at the audience. But dressing like Gaga and belting out Barbra Streisand weren't the only manifestations of the plot device. We got to witness the limits of some of our characters in rather unsavory ways, along with their capacity for growth.

Needless to say, there was a lot of plot development, so let's get right down to it.

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May 25, 2010

24: The Undisputed Truth

24-ep824_sc2439_0078.jpgDAY 8: 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Jack finds himself in familiar territory as the clock winds down on Day 8 and the 24 television series. How he gets there is also familiar (but not in a bad way) in what was a fitting and appropriate farewell for TV's most conflicted character.

Chloe, Cole and Arlo have come together nicely as they use CTU resources to conduct their own business while still maintaining security at the U.N. That is until Arlo catches Jack's reflection in the glass of a vending machine - in the building directly across the courtyard where the peace treaty is set to be signed. Chloe determines that only she can deal with Jack and gives herself 20 minutes to find and stop him. Surprise!  Jack totally saw it coming and subdues Chloe. As Jack sets up his sniper spot we find out he's using Logan to lure President Suvarov to his office. Logan does, but before Jack can pull the trigger, Chloe wakes up and talks Jack out of an act that could lead to war. If anything, we love the position Jack put Logan in as he waited for the gunshot that never came. If only Suvarov knew how close he came to becoming the former Russian president. Now, we get that the building has been cleared and there's a ton of security; but c'mon, get some men in the rooms where someone can get a clear shot. Jack is able to set up with a perfect view of the ceremony site and President Logan's office!? Our tax dollars at work.

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May 21, 2010

Fringe: Olivia & Peter - We Belong Together

The season finale of Fringe was full of win:

  • Peter returned to our universe.
  • Lots of William Bell screen time.
  • Explanation of relationship between Bell and Walter.
  • Leonard Nimoy is never not awesome. More, please.
  • The reappearance of Charlie Francis. More, please. We hated it when he was turned into a host for the shape shifters and was killed.
  • Olivia v. Olivia, which was like Tekken but better.
  • SQUEE! Olivia tells Peter that the reason he needs to come home is that he belongs with her, followed by a lovely tender kiss. So we take it that he agrees. 

Of course, there were moments of drama, too.
  • Alt Olivia has better hand to hand combat skills than our Olivia. 
  • Walter sees the consequences of his actions, including quarantine areas where everyone is dead. Because, you know, he doesn't already feel enough guilt. 
  • Our Olivia is captured and Alt Olivia successfully crosses over and infiltrates the team.  

Follow us after the jump for more Fringe season finale!

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May 19, 2010

The Good Guys: Cars, characters and mustaches

Tonight we get a sneak peak at the new show The Good Guys, and our metaphorical mustaches are all aquiver with anticipation. We know that a mustache alone is not the guarantee of quality humor, but we have to assume that mustache + Bradley Whitford + Colin Hanks = comedy gold.

Our opinion was bolstered when we went to the set to talk to Mssrs. Whitford and Hanks. Check out what they have to say about disappointing the Dallas PD, learning to love the car despite discomfort, and who qualified as the epitome of mustachio'd machismo (it's not who you think!):

What do you think? Will you be tuning in throughout the summer? Talk about it in the comments!

Gleecap: Dream On

SchueNPH.jpgWell, we finally got to see ol' Neil Patrick Harris on Glee, and his downtrodden, bitter Bryan Ryan was a kick in the pants. Frankly, we were expecting someone flashier and slightly more sadistic (basically, Sue Sylvester), but this character did a lot more for the emotional development of this week's lead characters. Plus, NPH really does play the bitter card well.

We followed three dreamers around this week; Bryan, Rachel and Artie. Turns out Bryan used to be Will Schuester's idol/tormentor in glee club, rife with talent and the ladies' attentions. And one kick-ass mullet. However, when the Broadway dream led straight back to Lima and a crack pipe, the bitter juice started to flow. It doesn't help that Ryan is in town to help Principal Figgins whittle down the budget, since he puts Glee club on the chopping block. It's Will's job to lead him back to the light.

Read on for more dashed dreams and dastardly deeds!

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May 18, 2010

House: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down

The House season finale gave us a change of environment from the pristine hospital to the rubble of a disaster site of a collapsed parking garage. Once again the writers left no metaphor opportunity missed. House's emotional state was clearly jagged after last week's declaration that everyone is finding happiness except for him.  Add the discovery that Cuddy and Lucas are engaged and where else could this episode take place but at a poorly lit, precarious disaster site complete with a patient with pinned legs who reminds House of his own leg injury and the lifelong after-effects of its treatment. Only logical choice, obviously.

House looked battered all episode as he resisted his weary state, as did Cuddy.  We agree that it's difficult to tell the difference between regular House and battered House, but trust us, there was a difference. Maybe it was the construction dust coating his rad leather jacket and the dark lighting.  Admirable use of German Expressionism in modern episodic TV. Unless it was a happy accident in which case, bravo for the random use. 

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24: Nowhere to Run

24-822_Sc22_0741.jpgDAY 8 - 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Hour 22 finds Jack Bauer on the run and on a rampage while CTU, the presidents and Chloe try to catch up with him.  It would appear Jack has gone off the edge as he tracks all the ties to Renee's killer, something that's not lost on those involved.

President Logan's good feeling after he's formally recognized for his help in the peace process is short-lived after Pillar fills him in on the search for Jack. Logan still feels far enough away from Jack but news that Pavel was "eviscerated" made him flinch a bit. It's also got him distancing himself from President Taylor and the Russians. We can't help but feel a little sad for Taylor as Logan fills her in - reminding her that all the moves they made that day were ultimately her decisions. He then tells her she needs to step in and stop Meredith Reed's newspaper from publishing the evidence Jack gave her.  Taylor knows censoring the paper is the wrong thing to do but calls Tim to organize a sweep of the paper. We were hoping Tim was going to step in and do the right thing, but he follows orders. C'mon Tim, you are the only voice of reason left who has a chance of talking some sense into the president.

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May 13, 2010

Fringe: It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong


Ohh, Fringe, how you taunt us with your alternate realities, bringing characters back to life as their alternate forms and Olivia in red hair! With a boyfriend, no less!

But we've gotten ahead of ourselves. We opened up the show in the alternate reality, which we noticed right away since Charlie Francis was there, complete with facial scar. Golly we've missed Charlie, and were glad to see him. It's sort of a shame that the alternate reality universe has the bad-ass Fringe department and that they're sort of military as an officially sanctioned division of the Department of Defense. Ok, that part wasn't a shame, that part was awesome. The shame is that they're hostile to anyone from universes that are not theirs. We want to like Red Head Olivia and Scarred Charlie. And Buff Bad Ass Broyles, not to mention Beret Astrid.  But Alt Walt strikes us as a little too far over the evil mad scientist edge. We love that there's two of everyone excepting counterparts who have died like Charlie and Peter.  Too bad it looks like they won't love their doppelgangers. 

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