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Prison Break Eulogizes Brad Bellick

Audiences got a heck of a shock last week on Prison Break when Brad Bellick died a noble, if gruesome, death on the show. Over the course of the series, Bellick evolved morphed through many phases -- he was a brutal prison guard, a ham-handed bounty hunter, a terrified prisoner, and finally a virtuous man who would sacrifice himself for his brothers-in-arms. All that has given people plenty to talk about!

First up, Wade Williams, the actor who brought Bellick to life over the past three and a half years. He writes in his blog on TV Guide that he's not sorry to see Bellick go: "It was tiring playing such a self-centered, unlikable character... It became uncomfortable being the whiny naysayer, the out-for-himself momma's boy, the sadistic prison guard. Good riddance, Brad!"

Ouch! Well, those words make more sense when you realize what Wade went through to play Bellick: "In every episode of Season 3, while we were in the Panamanian prison Sona, Bellick was getting beaten, ridiculed, starved, stripped naked, beat up, tortured or just ignored! Not to mention he was wearing hideous 'tighty whities' and MC Hammer tiger pants. During this time, I developed a twitch -- my whole body would jerk randomly. I'd be at home watching PBS Sprout with our daughter and I'd be full-body twitching! It was weird. I believe it was from all the stress playing such a tortured, unlikable, helpless character. About two weeks after we stopped shooting during the writers strike, the twitching stopped! Funny thing, I started twitching again when we began shooting Season 4 in May! And ever since Brad died about a month ago, the twitching has disappeared!"

With that in mind, Wade is adamant that Bellick won't have the same sort of miraculous resurrection that Sara Tancredi did. "No he ain't comin' back - it was time to go," Wade said. "We all gotta go some time.... He was such a jerk for most of the time, so it's nice to see him go with a little redemption. He does something selfless, which is nice."

The rest of the actors at a recent Paley Center for Media event on the show are a lot more torn about losing Bellick -- but mostly because it means they won't be able to work with Wade anymore. "I'm so upset about that," said Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Dr. Sara Tancredi. "He was a wonderful human being. I mean, for him, it's nothing but good. He'll just have a brilliant career and leave the rest of us in the dust, but we'll miss him."

Show star Wentworth Miller had similar things to say about Wade: "I love Wade very much, but our characters are constantly supposed to be at each other's throats. And I can remember very specifically certain scenes where he's supposed to be intimidating me and growling and such in my face, and I'll be twisting my fingers into my side to keep from laughing. Because I know he's a big old pussycat."

What did you think about Bellick's death? Are you sad to see him go, or are you glad he got a hero's send-off? Talk about it in the comments!


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