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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: To The Lighthouse

The pressure to move is on during this week's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. New identities and new lives are in order to protect John. John Connor, that is. John Henry is an entirely different story...

Back at ZeiraCorp, Savannah Weaver wants to play a game with John Henry again, except that Savannah's duck toys don't belong in the Bionicle world. Just as John Henry comes to realize that they can change the rules, someone or something else changes his rules. Programming interferes with John Henry and he grabs Savannah. Frightened, Savannah breaks away and gets help. Murch slides in just in time to shut John Henry down. Thankfully, as far as Murch is concerned, the situation wasn't caused by a malfunction. However, it may be worse -- it looks as though he was hacked.

219TSCC_sc-48-approach_0048.jpgWith a myriad of conflicts rising, Sarah is put in a position of handling everything herself. Sarah can't trust Derek after finding out about Jesse, and Cameron is just as questionable. Sarah takes John off to the safe house -- a diversion from the desert road like he expected. There, John finds none other than Charley Dixon, Sarah's last remaining trustworthy companion.

Derek and Cameron are left together to handle hauling their belongings to a storage unit. Things are tense with them already and build as Cameron tries to bridge the topic of Jesse. Cameron, ever obsessed with love, confronts Derek about his love for Jesse. She reveals that he was the father of her unborn child, which Derek was unaware of. Is he unaware because she just never told him or because futures have changed?

Sarah is busy facing her own demons. She shares with Charley that she believes she has breast cancer -- it's her fate, after all, even if their time jump stalled what she feels is the inevitable. She needs to go get it checked out, so she leaves John with Charley under the pretense that he'll be safe.

Only no one is safe anymore. Even John Henry. When John Henry is revived, he has experienced the trauma of what he thinks of as death and being reborn. Since he is highly advanced AI that thinks in milliseconds, his downtime seemed like years. John Henry shares with them that there is another one out there -- another one like him. This code he refers to as his brother, even though it's a worm, and it has been slipping into computer systems all around in order to find John Henry. But what does this program want? "To survive," John Henry explains.

Back at the clinic, Sarah has hope yet -- the lump in her breast is a cyst, but what's odd about it is that it's caused by metal embedded in her. A transmitter! Sarah insists that the nurse leave and she uses a defibrillator on herself. It knocks her out but at least it kills the signal seen by a crewmember. This attack has been planned all along!

Derek and Cameron spin out on a flat tire. Derek (what was he thinking?) goes to check out the van while Cameron works on fixing the tire. Sure enough, it's a set up, and Derek is kidnapped. Cameron starts to go after them, takes the data she needs from the van to track it, and calmly returns to her vehicle. We were half expecting the famous fast Terminator run, but were glad to see Cameron have to fight it out as she finds Derek's location.

But it's a set up again! Water is poured on Cameron before she's shorted out. A guy approaches and looks at a diagram of a Terminator's skull before beginning his work -- a diagram stolen from "a brother." What he doesn't know is that Terminators bounce back fast and his time runs out before Cameron resets and kills him. Why did Cameron go back for Derek? Even Derek can't figure it out, until Cameron expresses that she was concerned Derek would give up information about John's location -- it has before, she says, but Derek doesn't know what she's talking about.

All the while, John Connor and Charley Dixon are under heavy attack. They manage to get to the boat away from the lighthouse, but Charley stays behind to give John time to escape... Sarah has quickly overcome the crewmember who was after her (a defibrillator to the head will do that) only to arrive at the shootout scene of the lighthouse. Men scattered, bullets everywhere, the boat missing, and finally, we see Charley Dixon's lifeless body floating in the water. He is gone, along with Sarah's assurance of John's safety.

This week's insight from Terminators: Babies are made out of love.
This week's lesson for Terminators: Work on a way to close the backdoor, or an unwelcome worm might get in.


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