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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Born To Run

We were wrapped up in tension waiting for the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and it certainly didn't disappoint. We eagerly await the third season and a whole new layer of complications.

222ttscc_BornToRun_gr17.jpg Where do we even begin that can give justice to this episode? First and foremost, it goes without saying that we're impressed with how far this show has come from the first season, when it seemed to just line up one Terminator after another to pit against Sarah Connor and her crew. The show got much more complex the moment the second season started, and we're glad to see development in both the larger story arc and in John Connor as a character. He's growing up!

Along with growing up comes making big decisions. Despite Sarah Connor's efforts to get John out of trouble, he refuses (of course). Rather than lay it all out for you, we're going to give you our read on the episode and ask for yours. If you haven't seen the episode yet, don't rely on us for a recap -- go watch it, take a breather, and come back here to make comments.

Sides are chosen when John Connor and Cameron plot Sarah's escape from jail. John Henry, from afar, makes the decision to help them by unlocking everything. Chaos ensues and a heavily damaged Cameron escorts Sarah to hop into a vehicle John is waiting in outside. She's not happy, but what else is a mom to do? Ground him?

All is revealed as Catherine Weaver, the T-1000, meets with them. Cameron meanwhile skulks down in the basement to get closer to John Henry, presumably to kill him. As it turns out, Weaver has actually created John Henry in order to combat Skynet -- the "brother" who must have tried to kill John Henry earlier. Weaver is indeed the T-1000 who had once answered "No" to John Connor and Cameron's question: "Will you join us?" Things have changed.

Our favorite moment this week was the sexual tension between Cameron and John. Nothing quite like straddling a Terminator as you make sure all her parts are in good working order. We feel that deep down Cameron has some remnants of who she was before, her human self, and that it leaks out of her from time to time. How is John to deal with this conflict? He cares enough about her to leap in time after her (the true essence of her) when John Henry takes her chip -- apparently at her own offering -- and jumps.

When Sarah Connor stays behind, we're not quite sure what to think. Finally, something Sarah is afraid of. She may have cancer and she may not even exist when John returns, but she's sure that she can't go with him and that she'll be better able to help him if she stays. It makes us wonder how season three will go, since this is the Sarah Connor -- not John Connor -- Chronicles after all!

John Connor is left without the caretaker female figures in his life only to meet a complete reversal when he jumps with Catherine Weaver to a future... where he runs into none other than Derek... his dad... and the real human Cameron, but no one knows who John Connor is! Here comes sexual tension and teenage angst!

This week's insight from Terminators: Sometimes you need to give up your chip for the greater good.
This week's lesson for Terminators: Just because you're a Terminator doesn't mean you're not going to get owned by another model.


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