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Fringe: A Farewell To Arms by Nina Sharp


Oh Fringe, how we love back stories. How we love examining how well the makeup artists did making you all look so much younger! Not sure how we feel about the wig, though, Walter. Did it work to give us an idea of what you looked like 15 or so years ago? Yes. Did we think it was the best look for you? Well, we like your hair in the present time better. 

Nina, you're full of secrets. Interesting that William Bell was as difficult to reach back in the day as he is now.  Was he already hopping back and forth between universes?  If so, why was Nina so keen to keep Walter from doing the same? Nina, we have to ask: Was it worth it trying to prevent the destruction of the world as it's known, having lost your arm in the process? BTW, they did a great job of making you look younger, even if we were worried that you wouldn't be able to blink and that your face wouldn't be able to move. 

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We sort of feel like Olivia is being a little too hard on Walter and wonder if she's universe-ist. Does this mean she won't be interested in Peter as a love interest, just because he glimmers a bit? Personally, we'd love a boyfriend who glimmers. Shiny!

Look at how morose Walter is in this pic. How can we not feel sorry for him and want him to be reunited with his son? Since Alt Walt missed the winning formula when The Observer showed up, Peter would have died anyway, so the grief over losing him was inevitable, right? We believe that this is what they call ethically ambiguous.

What we do know for sure is that when Peter finds out, he's gonna be hella angry. 

Peter, when you do find out: be kind, be forgiving.  Walter did the best he could, and Olivia is worth pursuing. Trust.


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