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24: Screaming for Vengeance

24-919_Sc1944_0249.jpgDAY 8: 11:00AM - 12:00PM

It's been a while since we ended an hour of 24 with our mouths wide open following a collective (let's hear your best Joey Lawrence) "Whoa!" That's what happened after Hour 20. And it had nothing to do with this hour's Presidential treachery or blatant CTU infiltration.

Jack and Cole are on the hunt for Dana who's being water-boarded by the private security firm hired by President Logan to get info from her...and make her irrelevant. Dana isn't cracking, however, showing she's much more of a cold-hearted bitch than the na├»ve country girl she occasionally plays. We loved when she told Bledsoe to "bring it on, you son-of-a-bitch," just before he began torturing her again. Jack and Cole are seamless as they distract the guards and come face-to-face with Bledsoe, who isn't even able to finish threatening Dana's life before Jack puts a bullet in his forehead.  D.B. Sweeney, we hardly knew ye.  All this was part of the best opening 15 minutes and 32 seconds of the season.

Back at the U.N., President Taylor just can't catch a break. You know, we weren't happy when one of our favorite presidents was turned into a bumbling fool, but now we can't wait to see how much deeper she can get. As Dhalia Hassan is talking peace and praising Taylor, Taylor gets the bad news about Jack taking Dana. Tim Woods gives her the details, but mind you, he doesn't know much; "details are sketchy, but as of 15 minutes ago, Jack Bauer stormed the safe house, overwhelmed security and TOOK Dana Walsh." You could almost hear Taylor's heart sink as she finally comes to terms with her bad decisions.

At this point we're looking for Taylor to come clean and pull herself together. Instead we get just what we were hoping for; Taylor again listens to Logan who tells her not to panic and convinces her to install his aid, Jason Pillar, into CTU to head up the search for Jack. He then goes to the Russians and convinces them that they must kill Jack and Dana. Logan is apparently the most convincing guy ever. We love that Jack has become such a nemesis to Logan - so much so that you can picture him shaking his fist in the air saying, "Bauer!" in his best Colonel Klink impression. It's also apparent that things are starting to slip away from Logan.

On the run with Jack, Cole and Dana takes us to a bank where Dana says she has evidence against the Russians in a safe-deposit box. The pair goes into the bank where, while waiting for their box, Dana tries to convince Cole she loves him and only did what she did in hopes of starting a new life with him. Yeah, we didn't believe her either. The box arrives with the evidence along with a gun, passport, cash - and oh yeah, a small explosive! The blast took out Cole and then Dana took out the banker. Apparently Dana had some feelings for Cole because she didn't kill him before leaving.  That would not come back to haunt her.

Using her amazing acting skills, Dana calls 911, giving up Jack while trying to sneak away from the bank. No dice as Jack gives the slip to two of New York's finest and is led on a chase/gun fight through the streets of NYC. The pair eventually come face-to-face where Jack gets her to hand over the evidence. With nothing else of value she asks Jack what she can do to save her life. Jack had one word, "nothing," before putting two bullets in her.

Has Jack gone over the edge in his quest for vengeance over Renee? Is President Taylor in too deep? How long can Logan keep up the cover-up? Tick, tick, tick...

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