March 24, 2008

Chicago Cubs blogs

Since the Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series crown in 100 years, there are some fervently hopeful fans out there, especially in the blogosphere. Here are some of the best Cubs blogs:

- The View From The Bleachers - Cubs talk from some well-educated bleacher bums.

- Len and Bob’s baseball blog - WGN Cubs announcers Len Kasper and Bob Brenly weigh in on the Cubs.

- Chicago Cubs Online - Self-proclaimed "straight talk for the Cubs faithful." We agree.

- Wrigleyville 23 - The latest on the Cubs and the team's media coverage.

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General Chicago blogs

The Chicago Tribune gets the story...most of the time. Here are some other Chicago-based blogs that cover what goes on every day:

- Chicagoist - One of Chicago's best blogs. Period. Part of the -ist network.

- Gapers Block - A Chicago-based Web publication with events and feature stories.

- Chicago Metblogs - All sorts of happenings from around the city. Part of the Metblogs network.

- Beachwood Reporter - Another Chicago-based Web publication. Quite funny, if we say so ourselves.

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Paul Sullivan's blog picks

We asked Chicago Tribune Cubs reporter Paul Sullivan about his favorite sports blogs, and boy did he have some good ones.

Here are a few that made his short list, along with the reasons he likes them:

- HIRE Jim Essian - Keeps the local sports media on its toes. It tastes great, too.

- Desipio Media Ventures - Rude, crude and out of control, but never dull.

- Thunder Matt's Saloon - A little bit too esoteric at times, but I like their style.

- Goat Riders of the Apocalypse - Won a 'Bloggy' award in 2007 for sickest Cubs posts.

- A Hundred Next Years - It's worth checking out for the name alone.

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Chicago food, drink and restaurant blogs

The Windy City is home to some of the world's finest restaurants and chefs. Luckily for us, there are great bloggers here who help us stay abreast of what's going on in the food world.

These guys cook up restaurant reviews, share recipes and provide commentary on Chicago's booming restaurant and bar scene, so you'll definitely want to keep up with these blogs:

- HungryMag - The Hungry Magazine blog, run by Chicago-based foodie Michael Nagrant.

- Chicago Foodies - One of Chicago's best food and restaurant resources.

- The Reckless Chef - Recipes, cooking tips and photos from someone who really likes to cook.

- Best of the Best Dining Chicago - Food and restaurant reviews from around town.

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Chicago neighborhood blogs

We took a look around the blogosphere for some of the city's best neighborhood blogs. Here's what we found:

Southwest Observer - News and commentary on Mount Greenwood, Beverly and Morgan Park.

The 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park - Rogers Park happenings. Fun stuff.

The Bench - A conservative blog based in Rogers Park. Always good to have both sides.

Uptown Update - What's going on in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood? Get your updates here.

Hyde Park Progress - News and analysis from around historic Hyde Park.

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Welcome to Chicago's Best Blogs

Welcome to the Chicago's Best Blogs page. You can find links to some of the best blogs in the Chicago area right here.

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