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Before you get in your car

Someone could be inside your car watching as you approach. With dark windows, they could easily slide over the seat from the cargo area into the back seat or vice-verse.

So open up the cargo door, passenger door and driver door and give everything a visual check before you put anyone in or get into the car.

Even if your car has been valet parked, make sure the cargo area is checked before you leave.


* Attach two adhesive-backed mirrors to the ceiling back in the cargo area. Be sure they are large enough to reflect the entire cargo space. You can add mirrors over the back seat too. Then when you open the car door, you can see all of the car at once.

* Lock your car doors bur remember car locks can be picked just the same as any other lock. You wouldn't notice any difference when you clicked the remote to unlock the car door.

* Practice and plan ahead what you should do if you encounter someone. It's scary to think about but nearly as scary as the real thing.

* Let's watch out for each other. If something doesn’t look or feel right don’t worry about being wrong or looking foolish - react - call 911 immediately.

Do you have any thoughts on how to make cars, shopping centers, and the many others places we go safer? Please share them with all of us.

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