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October 15, 2007

Bling, bling, here's my first Blog by Tina G. Korn

Before I moved to the state of Florida, I imagined I would be spending much of my
time indoors. After all, the air-conditioned malls, restaurants and movie theaters would
provide a respite from the humidity and heat. My husband assured me that he would
never be caught dead in shorts and shoes without socks, nor would I ever find him playing
tennis or swimming. Imagining myself riding a bike or playing tennis in the summer......
what am I crazy?
Well, here it is eleven years later and it doesn't much matter to either of us what month it is,
we're usually involved in some outdoor activity which requires exercise and perspiration. So,
we're Floridians! The snowbirds are back in town and the roads and restaurants are more
crowded, but so is the social life. How lucky we are to live in paradise.
Here's a thought to make you smile:
Try sitting in your car, with your sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars.
See If They Slow Down!

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