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August 29, 2014

The Mounts: Palm Beach County's "Crown Jewel" Botanical Garden

DSCN0243%20-%20Web%20Copy.JPGThe Mounts is Palm Beach County's "crown jewel" botanical garden. Beauty and tranquility is what you will find every day of the week. Monday through Saturday the Garden is open from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. On Sundays the hours are Noon to 4 PM. The photo shows visitors from the Alliance of Delray in front of the lake. The bench, resembling a pie crust or clam shell is a functional piece of artwork which is one of many works of art found throughout the garden. Photo from left: Alliance Director Larry Zalkin, Maxine Zalkin, Harvey Arnold, Alliance Director Norma Arnold & President's Assistant Marianne Weisman. Allen Sistrunk, Director of the Mounts is featured on the right. He led the group in a tour of the garden and described the way in which the Garden enriches the lives of all who visit, especially those who want to grow tropical plants in south Florida. Interesting specimen plants and trees are marked throughout the garden.
Sample gardens are planted throughout the grounds of the Mounts. Among them are a butterfly garden, mediteranean garden and rainforest where you can get up close to a teak wood tree. For more information on the education and professional support available for your gardening needs go to
Tha Alliance of Delray took the opportunity to praise and support the work of the Friends of the Mounts. The following is a photo of Lori Vinikoor, Executive Vice President of the Alliance of Delray presenting a gift to the Garden. Mounts Director Allen Sistrunk is accepting the check. Palm Beach County Mayor Priscilla Taylor is at the left of the photo. The Mounts Botanical Garden lies within her District.

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Alliance and AT&T to Present Mega Senior Tech Rally

A "Mega Senior Tech Rally" is scheduled for Thursday October 9, 2014 at the South County Civic Center where there will be tablets on hand to practice with. Space is limited and reservations are required. For more information, call Bob Schulbaum, President Alliance of Delray Associations (561)495-9670 or e mail or fax (561)495-0888.

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August 22, 2014

Commissioner Adam Putnam Update on EPA Nutrient Criteria

adam%20putnam.pngA letter from Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam appears below. Commissioner Putnam has been quoted as stating: “Land that is seasonably or occasionally wet,” ....“Folks, your front yard in North Florida is mushy right now. Should that be subject to Army Corps regulation?”

August 22, 2014

The federal government has a long history of egregious overreach, and the most recent proposed expansion of federal authority over states' water resources continues this tradition.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed changes to the Clean Water Act, dramatically expanding the federal government's jurisdiction and control over bodies of water to include ditches, ponds and other areas that only occasionally hold water.

These proposed changes will have a significant impact on Florida, subjecting millions of additional acres of landscape to the requirements of the Clean Water Act. This puts the future of Florida's businesses at the mercy of the federal government and on the timeline of the Army Corps of Engineers. And neither are shining examples of efficiency or common sense.

For the sake of Florida's economy, we must work together to protect Florida from the heavy hand of the federal government.



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August 12, 2014

Alliance Works with Communities to Improve Stonybrook on the Lake Design

Summer is not a quiet time for the Alliance of Delray Residential Associations. Over the past few months, Alliance leaders have been working with its planned community members (HOA's and COA's), the farming community, and individual residents "from the everglades to the ocean" to make Palm Beach County a better place in which to live, work, and visit. Stonybrook on the Lake is an example of how the Alliance assisted in obtaining a site plan that was acceptable to most of the neighbors of the planned apartment complex located in the Syms/Lake Ida Road area.

The bulk of the improvements to the site plan including relocation of buildings and tennis courts, increased green space behind residences, setbacks, and additional landscape materials were facilitated by the Alliance of Delray prior to the July 3, 2014 Zoning Commission meeting. Subsequently, on July 24, 2014, the County Commissioners voted to approve the project.

One major benefit to the residents of West Delray is the traffic signal which will be installed during the process of development of the site. The corner of Syms Road and Atlantic Avenue has been the site of many accidents over the last 5 years and the project will bring this much needed traffic signal to the area. To read the Alliance's letter to the County County Commissioners, click on the following:

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Firefighters Presenting Falls Awareness Senior Health Fair


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August 11, 2014

Alliance Presents Medical Marijuana Panel Discussion with Moderator Senator Maria Sachs

senator%20sachs.pngThe Alliance of Delray Residential Associations will present a Medical Marijuana Panel Discussion moderated by Senator Maria Sachs (photo left) on Wednesday September 3, 2014. The meeting will take place at the South County Civic Center16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach. Doors will open at 9AM and the meeting will begin at 9:30.
The panel will present the facts from both sides regarding the ballot initiative to amend the Florida constitution to create a framework for legalizing medical marijuana in the state of Florida. The Panel will include Ben Pollara of “United for Care” & Jessica Spencer of “Vote No on 2.”
Alliance website:

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July 26, 2014

Renewable Energy Facility Completion Approaching

A recent visit to the Palm Beach County Renewable Energy Park located on North Jog road near 45 th Street in West Palm Beach provided a better understanding of the management of public refuse, including the recycling and waste-to energy process. The 1320 acre campus, which includes a 400 acre conservation area and Renewable Energy Facility No. 2 incorporating technology to reduce NOx and N2O emissions, generate energy, and recover valuable metals demonstrates Palm Beach County’s national leadership role in environmental stewardship.

It was a terrific one day “staycation” for Alliance of Delray Board members. The Chief Administrative Officer, Marc Bruner, provided a riding and walking tour of the facilities. Below are photos which show, from top to bottom, CAO Bruner and Alliance Directors viewing a panorama of the campus, massive machinery moving trash within the facility, the PB Renewable Energy Facility No. 2 nearing completion with "Education & Learning Building" in the forefront, water conservation tower behind, and the equipment through which the SWA transfers the energy to Florida Power & Light. Want more information? go to

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July 18, 2014

Getting to Know MorseLife

ANTIGRAVITY%20REHAB%20MORSELIFE.JPGMorseLife is a nationally-recognized provider of health care, housing and support services for seniors. The Alliance of Delray recently toured the facilities situated within a 37 acre area of land on Haverhill Road just north of Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach.
Photo: The Alliance of Delray’s visit on July 14, 2014 to the 6000 square foot rehab therapy area located on the MorseLife campus where patients benefit from the latest rehabilitation technology. Photo center is the NASA-developed AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill and the Biodex System 4, offering neuromuscular evaluation and therapeutic exercise. Pictured from left are: Alliance Executive Vice President Dr. Lori Vinikoor; MorseLife President & CEO Keith Meyers; Alliance President Bob Schulbaum; Alliance Directors Norma Arnold and Larry Zalkin. Rehabilitation servies also include an Innovative community reintegration program with simulated "apartment" to facilitate transition to the home.
The tour also included visiting the housing and independent and assisted living senior retirement community located on the campus. What is most impressive when visiting the “neighborhoods” within the residential buildings or the facilities where programs such as Adult Day Care are offered is the pleasantness of the Staff while providing care and services to the elderly.
We will be seeing more of a physical presence of this non-profit, non-sectarian organization in the south county area in the near future. For example, MorseLife has developed a “Neighbor to Neighbor” program which is being implemented within retirement communities in Delray Beach and surrounding areas.
For more information here is the link to the MorseLife website:

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July 15, 2014

Local MD Will Speak on Crippling Hand Disease Which Affects Many Seniors

charles%20eaton%20md.jpgCharles Eaton, M.D. created the Dupuytren Foundation, a public charity established to promote global research to find a cure for Dupuytren's disease and related conditions. Dr. Eaton is interested in speaking to groups of at risk people both to raise awareness and to engage people who might be interested in foundation work as a board or committee member. He can be reached at or 949-CURE-DUP (949-287-3387)
Here is a video infographic:
And here is some information about Dupuytren’s Disease:
• Dupuytren disease is the most common inherited disabling hand condition.
• It makes the fingers permanently bent and progressively more bent over time. These bent fingers are Dupuytren contracture.
• It's named after the French surgeon Dupuytren, who was Napoleon's personal surgeon, and during his lifetime, the most famous surgeon in the world.
• The English pronunciation is "DOO-pa-trin".
• There's no medicine for it. It's treated by surgeons when fingers become too bent. The problem is that procedures don't cure it: contractures come back, sometimes worse, and may pass the point of being able to be treated.
• It predominantly affects seniors: Florida is the flagship state. Figures from the 2010 Florida census project about 250,000 Floridians affected in the 45-65 age bracket, and over 760,000 Floridians affected over the age of 65. That's over 1.1 million out of a total population of 18.8 million.
• Despite the fact that it's common, many have never heard of it. It doesn't hurt, it isn't lethal, and it's often confused with arthritis. Because it bends the fingers into the position they are when they are relaxed, it can go unnoticed by others even if fairly severe.
• It's pretty common - Ronald Regan, Margaret Thatcher, Mitt Romney, Paul Newman, physicist Max Planck, painter Andrew Wyeth, Sam Becket - who wrote waiting for Godot, comedienne Chelsea Handler, and very likely people you know but you don't know that they have it. And maybe you.
• Every year, 1 out of every 200 people over the age of 50 develop it.
• The single biggest risk factor for developing it is having an ancestor or sibling with it.
• Every year, 2 out of every 100 people with it get bad enough to need treatment.
• For most people it's a nuisance, but for some, it's crippling.

Continue reading "Local MD Will Speak on Crippling Hand Disease Which Affects Many Seniors" »

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July 13, 2014

Prepare for the 2014 Election: Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Now is the time to begin reviewing and researching the 2014 Ballot Amendments. Here is what we have so far:
Ballot #1: Water and Land Conservation - Dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands
Funds the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to acquire, restore, improve, and manage conservation lands including wetlands and forests; fish and wildlife habitat; lands protecting water resources and drinking water sources, including the Everglades, and the water quality of rivers, lakes, and streams; beaches and shores; outdoor recreational lands; working farms and ranches; and historic or geologic sites, by dedicating 33 percent of net revenues from the existing excise tax on documents for 20 years. For more information:

Ballot #2: Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions
Allows the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician. Allows caregivers to assist patients’medical use of marijuana. The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers. Applies only to Florida law. Does not authorize violations of federal law or any non-medical use, possession or production of marijuana. For more information:

Ballot #3: Prospective Appointment of Certain Judicial Vacancies
Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution requiring the Governor to prospectively fill vacancies in a judicial office to which election for retention applies resulting from the justice’s or judge’s reaching the mandatory retirement age or failure to qualify for a retention election; and allowing prospective appointments if a justice or judge is not retained at an election. Currently, the Governor may not fill an expected vacancy until the current justice’s or judge’s term expires.
for more information:

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