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Fl. Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente Visits: Asks for "Yes" on Merit Retention

Barbara%20Pariente%20Visit.jpgFlorida Supreme Court Justice and Palm Beach County resident Barbara Pariente came to town on Sunday November 5, 2012 to meet and greet local residents and speak on the current issue and ballot items for Merit Retention. Justice Pariente, a graduate of Boston University and George Washington University Law School, held the position of Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court from 2004 to 2006.

Currently, Justice Pariente is the Chair of the Supreme Court's Steering Committee on Families and Children in the Courts which works to improve methods for handling cases involving children and families so that the interests and need of the child are paramount.

Justice Barbara J. Pariente, along with Justices R. Fred Lewis and Peggy A. Quince, will be on Tuesday’s election ballot and voters will need to answer yes or no to the question of whether or not the judges should be retained in office.

Justice Pariente yesterday encouraged the Century Village crowd to vote “yes” to retain the judges. Voters are being asked to conclude that by keeping politics from entering into the merit retention process, the court can remain independent and judges can continue to rule fairly, impartially, and non-politically.

The following is a link to the video of Justice Pariente’s speech to the Alliance of Delray on a Fair and impartial Judiciary:


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