Foley faces heat in first appearance as Senate hopeful

foley.jpgBrookhaven Supervisor Brian Foley made his debut as a State Senate candidate Tuesday night at the standing room only crowd at the Islip Democratic convention in West Sayville -- and immediately got an angry earful from town party chairman Ivan Young, according those in attendance.

Young criticized Foley for “disrespecting” him and his town party for failing to consult with anyone before announcing his decision to take on 36-year GOP State Caesar Trunzo, 82, hours before last week’s county Democratic convention.

Later, Young said, “This is a situation that could have been easily avoided with a simple phone call telling me and the candidates that there were negotiations going on with Senate Democrats prior to the convention.”

Foley, appearing before more than 70 party activists, said that no offense was intended, conceded he should have reached out ahead of time and apologized to Young. He added that he was waiting on committments from Senate Democrats before making a final decision. Foley did not return calls for comment yesterday.

Rick Brand

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Jimmy Dahroug needs to assail this carpetbagger.

Go jimmy. Don't back down. If you don't primary and take this seat then your years of work are down the drain.

Jimmy has better step it up now and hit Foley on these things:
- raising taxes
- patronage
- never had a real job
- Foley claimed a veterans tax exemption for years on his home that he was not entitled to because he is not a veteran.
- lax oversight in the Mastic pool scandal; for which he spent millions
- Foley is the candidate of billionaires from east setauket and grimy NYC politicians, not from the people of the district.

Go Jimmy! The veterans tax exemption is the key issue in this primary. As the people of the district suffer year after year to pay their taxes, Brian Foley found a way to dupe us all.

It will play like music from the Gods.

Good luck and go get him. (And by the way, it is time that Steve Levy step up and weigh in on your behalf. Steve is doing the right thing with booting Ramos and the fact that Schaffer dosen't like it is insignificant at best. Schaffer doesn't control your boss and you shouldn't let him control you. Steve Levy would not be where he is today if he did not have the courage to stand up to these back room types like Schaffer)

Let's face it, Trunzo and Senate GOP would like nothing better than to face Dahrough, a two-time loser,or Montano. All this Foley bashing is going to do is send Trunzo back to Albany. It's one thing to have a priamry. It's another thing to kill each other off.

We are not rolling over for this tax cheat!

A carpetbagger is someone who moves into the district to run. Foley has lived in the district longer than Dahrough

Brian had better back off, this is an Islip seat. Although we need to think regionally, I am trhowing his petitions in the trash as well as many Islip Democrats.

Let Marsha try to get him elected.

I'm happy for Ivan, finally he stood up for what is right and wrong.It is about time to act as a leader so you can earn the respect which you deserve.Good luck to all the candidates and let the people choose.Go Jimmy.

Brian Foley should stay in Brookhaven Town as Supervisor and finish the job he started to bring Good Government to Brookhaven. We can win back the sixth council district against the bloviating in-over-his-head Keith Romaine.

Go Jimmy Dahroug!!

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