In LI race for Congress, Zeldin hits TV first

Republican Congressional candidate Lee Zeldin has hit the cable TV channels in the past week with his first campaign spots, saying that he's the contender with “all the right stuff.”

The little-known Zeldin, 28, of Shirley, started with the TV ads June 9, touting himself as a “proud father, a native middle class Long Islander, a military prosecutror and an Iraqi war veteran.” The woman announcer also intones, “His independent traditional values and military discipline assure that he will stand up for you and your community.”

The $7,500 ad buy includes 126 spots over two weeks on four cable stations — the Fox, Military, History, and Lifestyle channels — or little more than two spots per channel per day. The buy also includes the same radio ad on WLNG-FM and WRIV-AM, said his campaign advisor Leonard Fries.

Zeldin, a lawyer, said, “People are telling us every time we want to do something....."

Rick Brand

".... 'It's too early, its too early.' But this is an integral piece of letting people know there is a race going on.”

While the initial buy was for two weeks, Zeldin’s Web site said the campaign only has enough money to keep the ad on the air for one week: “We need to get the word out and ideally must play the commercial every day through July 4th weekend.” The goal is to raise $50,000 by the end of the month.

Will Jenkins, a spokesman for Rep. Timothy Bishop (D-Southampton), said that campaign has not aired any spots and could not say when they will go on TV. However, Jenkins added, “Between their buy and the appeal on their Web site, we’re definitely seeing signs of desperation" from the Zeldin campaign.

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Look into Zeldin the "Iraq war Veteran." He spent less than 2 months there as a military lawyer. He's trying to portray himself as a front-line grunt. And with stop-loss in effect, Zeldin was able to leave the army. How is that possible?
Look at the ad buy. Zeldin wants the right-wing vote. He's trying to shore up his base when that should be in the bag.
And if Zeldin doesn't have at least $7500 cash on hand in June, he's not even in the race.

Actually he served with paratroopers in an infantry batallion. I don't know how long he was there. But however long it was it was longer then that failed college provost currently in office ever served.

Stop loss wasn't in effect Tim. Check your facts.

Anyone that walks through the streets of Iraq with an M-4 on a 120 degree day and angry Iraqis all around him is good by me.

Bishop hasn't even visited Iraq. He voted against the December Iraq War Supplemental which was needed for ammunition, supplies and equipment for troops currently deployed and he condemned the surge mission on the floor of Congress just as those soldiers were entering the country.

People like you and Bishop only make me more passionate about backing Lee. Keep poking us vets Tim.

Hi Tim :)

Boy, I guess the DEMOC"RATS" are scared. Maybe an upset in the making ?????

The district does have 45,000 more Republicans then DEMOC"RATS" if Lee can rally his Republican Base and attract independents. Upset, yes an UPSET

VJ Machiavelli


You don't know how right you are. If folks only knew the "whole story...."

Zeldin joined Army ROTC in 1998. Commissioned as a 2LT in the Military Intelligence Corps in May 2003. Started active duty in September 2003 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Reassigned to the JAG Corps in March 2004. Transferred to Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC in January 2005. Reassigned to 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division in April 2005 as a prosecutor. Deployed to Iraq during the summer of 2006 with an infantry batallion of 2nd Brigade as their legal advisor.

September 2006, Red Cross message came out of Georgetown University that babies were about to be delivered in 22nd week gestation and would not survive. Zeldin is told to return to states to mourn loss of his kids and another JAG attorney in Iraq falls in on his job.

Reassigned to Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, XVIII Airborne Corps in October 2006. Joins Army Reserves in September 2007. Presently a captain in the Army Reserves and up for a deployment at the end of 2009. Member of the American Legion and VFW. Currently the Senior Vice Commander of his VFW post.

Now, your crony Bishop graduated high school in 1968 during Vietnam... please do share the "whole story" of Bishop's service record.

And I am sure like the "Good Soldier" Cpt. Zeldin is, the very moment the children were out of danger, he started doing everything in his power to rejoin his unit in Iraq. I am sure he would never use "creative" leave requests and/or manipulated delays in transfer orders to conveniently end up with inadequate time left on his contract to return to Iraq to relieve the poor schmo who had to leave his own family to "fall in" and cover Cpt Zeldin's responsibilities.

I've been watching this race from afar but I am becoming increasingly agitated by the baseless attacks on Zeldin's service.

They really should cease because they appear more like a desperate smear tactic.

It appears that Bishop is trying to do to Zeldin what Grucci did to Bishop in 02. It won't work

Military Vet,

Don't you believe it would be important for the public to know if Mr. Zeldin manipulated the army's processes in order to avoid returning to Iraq?

I might also ask how many men were able to come home from Iraq for the births, deaths and emergencies of their families? Is this a special treatment for JAGs or is this just a way out quickly? To look good on a resume? What date did he actually put his foot down in Iraq verses what date did he actually leave? It seems that his bio conveniently left the months out on that one. As an officer, I would have thought he would have hurried back to his troops.

BTW, I don't think Mr. Bishop ever said he was a war veteran, therefore I believe he has been honest about his campaign. I believe the Zeldin campaign suckers in veterans who have truly served their country for the right reason. It seems Mr. Zeldin uses the uniform as a campaign tool and little more.

Go for it Lee, you will have all the help you need.I'm a big believer in the term limit and our politicians should give a chance to other people to of luck to you and I'm so proud of you.

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