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Top 20 Rothstein creditors revealed

The trustee in the bankruptcy case involving Scott Rothstein’s former law firm Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler has compiled a list of the 20 largest creditors owed money. The list is based on bank records and documents from the firm but may not reflect an accurate or complete picture, trustee Herbert Stettin wrote in the filing.

The top 20 creditors put in a total of $1,199,187,153 that was deposited into bank accounts. Some may have received payments.

“The books and records that were available are in disarray, inadequate and do not contain the typical records that one would expect to be maintained in the normal course of business,’’ he wrote, adding that federal agents had seized some records before they could be analyzed.
Stettin also wrote that many of the firm’s employees who could help decipher the books “are under investigation by the federal government or have refused to cooperate with the Trustee and his advisors.’’

In total, the various Banyon entities are listed as putting in $775,193,943.

The top 20 creditors with unsecured claims:

Banyon Investments, LLC, of Fort Lauderdale- $320,613,539
Ira Sochet Trustee, of Miami- $147,300,000
Banyon 1030-32, LCC, of Fort Lauderdale- $146,272,500
Banyon Funding, LCC, of Fort Lauderdale- $143,959,630
Banyon Income Fund LP, of Fort Lauderdale- $130,877,024
EMESS Capital LLC, of Brooklyn, NY- $60,000,000
Morse Operations, of Fort Lauderdale- $44,482,110
Coquina Investments, of Corpus Christi, TX- $37,700,000
Banyon Resources, of Fort Lauderdale- $33,471,250
ABS Capital Funding, of Surfside- $31,000,000
Shimon Levy, of Sunrise- $28,145,000
D3 Capital Club LLC, of Fort Lauderdale- $13,500,000
Ovadia Levy, of Plantation - $12,551,100
Attorney Herman Shtern at law IOTA Trust- Brooklyn- $11,000,000
Wak Boys LLC, Montvale, NJ- $8,780,000
Investors Risk Advantage, of Miami- $7,450,000
Daniel Minkowitz, of Plantation- $6,475,000
Caro Group, of Miami- $5,330,000
Serber & Associates, of Miami- $5,280,000
Via Salve LLC, Wheaton, Ill.- $5,000,000

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Don't forget me.... that SOB owes me $20 bucks!

Wak Boys???

Still bored with this guy on the front page but what an Ahole...who spends that kind of money on watches....Tht is retarded. and to know how many people are struggling with no food no job no home and this guys got 7 whole watches worth 1million dollars...I feel sick..

Give the watches back to Levinson Jewelers and make them pay back the $1 million of stolen money that was used to buy the watches. The money should go to the victims, since it was their money to begin with.

PLEASE STOP showing pics of this pig. Sooooo tired on the Sun Sentinel allowing this looser to dominate its coverage. He was a bad law student, a bad lawyer, ...could not litigate his way out of a acat fight...and everyone in the legal community knew he was somehow funding his firm's prestige through some other source. The rumors have been around for years that he was laundering money.

Levinson Jewelers! Birds of a feather. I'll wager Levinson is under investigation as well

Yes, how did levinsons become so big overnight? Seems like a small operation out west and now a fancy address and the owners living in a waterfront mansion. A Diamond in the Riff-Ruff

eh whadda yat

...sick of seeing this man's face. he's like an "oy" wiseguy. enough. i'm about to spray foam on my keyboard...

so sorry but if you WILLINGLY hand over millions upon millions of dollars to a person who you beleive will make you RICHER, you are a greedy idiot. If you hand over millions upon millions without doing proper research and requesting proper documentation about the investment, then you deserve to get robbed!!!!! Go Scotty! I stand behind you! I will be your friend!

Boy oh boy, this is bad. My reality check bounced and the IRS is requesting that I provide my date of death in writing...

Wak boys is the reason why he came back.....

Serber & Associates - $5,280,000. Just what exactly is a law office doing investing a cool 5 million with Rothstein?!

Rothstein going to trial in Jan. '10, looks and smells like some kind of plea deal. 7-10 years Max.

Lets charge him and Debra Villegas with Consipiracy to Murder 1 and they will never see the light ever again!!

Someone have some balls and step up....Yeah, you City of Plantation PD!

I am interested in the watch collection. It is valued at over a million dollars? Is that what he paid for it? Or what would be offered for it in cash at auction?

My gut feeling is the sales price will be substantially less than the cost to him.

Were the watches paid for with cash, an iou, or scotties investment advice???

Why is he smiling? He didnt earn those watches with hard work. They are literally stolen. He'll get his when he is "paid in arrears" in Prison! haha

This whole sordid affair is starting to look like Rothstein was playing an undercover sting aimed at busting crooked GOP big-wigs. Melissa must have got in the way of the operation, so she was unofficially murdered pursuant to the Attorney General Confidential Informant Guidelines. all i have to do is get a Law Degree...dress up in some fancy an expensive car..and i too can Con all these "so called" Sophisticated investors to invest their millions with me! ! !....Haha!

Geez...i wonder how many people could have been fed with 1 million dollars worth of watches? ? ?

LMFAO. I see names of people, businesses and firms I was tried to do business with in a SAFE managed business and they have all lost millions. Hahaha. What a bunch of PIGS! Never forget. Bulls and bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered! I can only hope the INVESTors out there realize that aan account insured by SPIC is better than no insurance at all. Welcome to the REAL world.

I saw Scotty and Kimmy at the March of Dimes event @ The Marriot Harbour beach Hotel he was acting like a rich peacock, struting his stuff with his snobby wife.
I still have the program of events from the charity fundraiser I plan to sell it on ebay, anyone interested? that was before all those people in high places didn't know he was a crook. now he is in jail where he belongs this I'm sure this will turn up more crooks conected to him.

Ira Sochet??...anyone noticed this investor was also scamed in the Bernie Madoff fraud?

The Levinsons new, they are all about the money look at google every other post is the Levinsons and the Rothsteins.Years of washing the dirty money thru jewels they are dishonest and can't be trusted.

Why is Atty Shtern's Client's Funds account in for $11 million?

RRA only owes our company 16K for cabling their offices. My friend is owed around 100K for communications equipment he provided RRA.
We both worked our butts off only to get caught up in this mess. I wish someone there could pay us our pittance from their "Pocket Change". This is killing us, the "Lillle People".

That's a lot of money. I doubt that they will repay to the bank.

don't we all wish we had that kind of money! Wow!

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Where does all this money go by the way? Science diet

I have no idea what you are talking about.

What a bad joke the Levinisons are Lawless, have been for years and years Mark Levinson you belong in jail you a thief,you change stones on the poor,your as rotten and no good as god could create give the money back to the people you stole from your a bomb ticking their waiting for you in jail where you belong!~!!

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