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Kim Rothstein wants some of her bling back

By Peter Franceschina
Sun Sentinel

Perhaps Kim Rothstein is looking for mementos of those idyllic days before her husband turned super crook.

Or maybe she feels she shouldn’t have to forfeit her property to compensate the investors Scott Rothstein swindled.

But the hard-shopping, jewelry-collecting Kim Rothstein wants some of her baubles back from the federal government.

Not all 304 pieces – the watches, necklaces and earrings – that federal agents say they seized last fall, just the ones that Scott Rothstein gave her as their romance bloomed.

She is just the latest entrant in the court battles raging over Scott Rothstein’s assets. One of Kim Rothstein’s attorneys filed a claim Friday in her husband’s criminal case, asserting her right to certain pieces of jewelry.

Dozens of claims from innocent clients of the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm who lost money and bilked investors who allege they lost tens of millions of dollars have been filed in Scott Rothstein’s criminal case. They are jockeying for a percentage of the cash that will result from the sale of Scott Rothstein’s supercars, luxury yachts and multimillion dollar homes.

Kim Rothstein’s attorney, who could not be reached for immediate comment Monday afternoon, did not specify which pieces of jewelry

Stephan Maloman / Maloman Photographers

she wants back. The key to what she might have a shot at collecting depends on when Scott Rothstein gave her the gift – before or after he embarked on his massive $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme.

“Beginning as early as approximately 2004, and continuing until in or about 2005, but prior to committing the criminal acts for which he now stands convicted and sentenced, defendant Rothstein gave petitioner certain items of jewelry and other gifts based on their personal friendship and relationship,” Kim Rothstein’s claim says.

Under the law, Kim Rothstein is “the sole owner of the items she received as gifts from defendant prior to the criminal acts for which he stands convicted” and her “legal interest in those items is superior to that of defendant Rothstein and the United States,” the claim says.

Attorneys representing the trustee for the bankrupt Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm have filed a $1.1 million clawback suit against Kim Rothstein, alleging her lavish lifestyle, spending sprees and political contributions were funded through Ponzi money that ran through the firm.

“Mrs. Rothstein spent over $880,000 of RRA money on handbags, shoes, clothing, plastic surgery treatments and other such personal dalliances,” bankruptcy lawyers wrote in an earlier court filing.

In a deposition earlier this year, Kim Rothstein testified that she shopped so hard she couldn’t remember specifics about her spending. She liked expensive Jimmy Choo shoes, Louis Vuitton handbags, Gucci accessories and evening dresses by Zola Keller. She could drop nearly $5,000 buying several pairs of shoes from a chic Los Angeles boutique online.

Bankruptcy lawyer Chuck Lichtman said Monday that forensic accounting shows that virtually all of Scott Rothstein’s jewelry purchases were made with money from his law firm accounts.

“We’re incensed that Kim Rothstein thinks she should have an entitlement to this jewelry and we are going to do everything in our powers to protect the creditors’ interests in this jewelry,” he said. “We take this matter very, very seriously.”

In the end, all of the claims filed against Scott Rothstein’s assets in the forfeiture case might be moot. Federal prosecutors have said they will seek to have all of them dismissed by the judge. Prosecutors recently revealed investors lost $426 million.

If prosecutors succeed in holding onto Scott Rothstein’s forfeited assets, they will have to go through a painstaking process of determining who the legitimate victims are, and who doesn’t have “clean hands,” before the restitution is distributed. The judge hopes to have that done by the end of August.

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She is so hot.

The only accessory she should be wearing is a monitor.


For 2.1 billion in other people's money, I could buy a much hotter token piece of putang....several in fact.

Sounds like legal strategy to try and reduce the amount in the claw back. Say she claims $500,000 in pre-scheme jewelry belongs to her, jewelry was seized, she will give up her claim to same assuming trustee reduces or foregoes claw back of $800,000.

Kim Rothstein is entitled to a chrome pair of handcuffs and ankle bracelets to be locked up behind gars with her husband, Scott Rothstein, a convicted felon from hell.

Lock her azz up too...

God will see her Greed. Maybe she should try getting a job! The only thing I cand think of worse than going to Hell is going to Hell and seeing Kim Rothstein there showing off all her jewelry, and she thught money cant buy she pretends

She's only guilty of benefiting the fruit of no labor.

She's is hot though.

I've got an accessory to give her..she's pretty hot and wealthy (at least for now)

Ah, another day of front page Rothstein trivia! Congratulations!

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the SS won't allow comments on the ridiculous story about the ACLU being upset because illegals are being deported. Classic.


Does she really possess any talent outside of waiting tables & bending over. She is a worthless drain on society & should be made to repay society with hours of community service; cleaning city parks, washing windows, removing dog dump. She is a criminal & deservices nothing back after the lifestyle she stole.

Why hasn't she been charged yet?

A high priced prostitute...she deserves nothing back...she can earn new trinkets while working on her back...that's the only thing she is good at.

sHE HAS THOSE CRAZY EYES. not that i would kick her out of bed for eating a cracker, im just saying she has crazy eyes!

Why are we surprised? This is the typical SFL woman...find a older not attractive guy WITH money and sell yourself to him. Love the fake 2K extensions in the hair for wedding day...a sign of the things that came to pass..

If these hi roller dopes were really smart, they can have anything they want with no strings attached for $1000/hr. What a bunch of suckers.

I think the court should request her fork over the implants the investers paid for.

What about the pearl neckless Scotty gave her on their honeymoon?

Breaking News.......

Upon hearing the Kim Rothstein request, Chief Franklin Adderley filed a motion to receive a food and beverage allowance.

This woman is as greedy and callous as her husband - sorry Kimmie - you lived a grand lifestyle of travel, and meals and plastic surgery and things that can't be recovered, so it's a tradeoff - your bling for the money you helped spend on trips and items that can't be recovered.

So do you think she was with him for his boyish good looks? Lol...way to keep breaking the stereotypes ladies!!!

She's a typical American, gold-digging woman. If Scott were smart, he'd have been humping and dumping a new one every night.

GOLD DIGGER!!!!! need we say more? no.

Shes a ditzy blond who couldn't even get my drink right when she was serving me at Blue Martini some years ago. Shes a ho that needs to go back to work. She married him cause hes a good looking guy yeah right!! She if she stays with him until he gets out of prison

Kim should get nothing. At the same time, a Ponzi scheme is impossible without people who are greedy. They think they're smarter than the average dude and can't see they're being taken blinded by their greed. While I want to feel sorry for them, it's tough.

Th only thing this women should get is arrested. She benifited from all that stolen money,I can not and do not believe she knew NOTHING about what her husband was doing.
She is a gold-digger.

I hope he gets nothing. The jewerly and all those cars, boat,homes,ect..Should be sold and the monies divided and given to the people who were taken by her husband.

She's greedy and she should get absolutlely nothing. Get a job like the rest of us!

The gold dinger should be spending her time finding a job instead of trying to get free money through the court system.

I can guess she wants some of those goodies back but the way she got them - no.

Oh we are supposed to believe she gave it all back in the first place. Right.

Kim should be able to keep all of her jewelry and anything else given to her as a GIFT. Sorry men, that is just the way it works. HE was the criminal, not her and she should not have to pay as she was a victim as well. Kim has lived a certain life style that she is accustom to and that should not be taken from her!

Kimmie, you might try making a living on you back, that should get your bling back darling

Bottom line she knew what her husband was doing and enjoyed the money as well, she should be arrested also. Just think about the way they were living with other people money, we all would love to live like that.....but the right way.

Scott simply ignored the advice he was given by others in his "situation" ... never, never marry your bottom bitch.

Right on the money, Tony (6/21). Kim spent so much stolen money on consumables (fancy meals, travel, entertainment, plastic surgery, cosmetics, beauty services, etc.) during her time with Scott. That money can never be recouped and repaid to the investors. She should just be darned grateful she had an opportunity to experience that lavish lifestyle for a few years (more than most people ever see), get over herself (from where does an everyday barmaid get such a huge ego and sense of entitlement?) and move on in a responsible, self-supporting fashion. By the way, how did she end up with enough money to continue living without a job long term and for the clawback attorneys to feel she has the financial potential to sue for $1mil? She shouldn't have $1mil at this point - and if she does, something foul is in the air.

She needs to find another rich sugar daddy to buy her more bling in exchange for sex!! She's got the body, no need to let it go to waste!!!

Forget the bling and move on.Actually if this woman wants to play hard ball the Feds could simplely use the RICO Statues and state this bling was bought with this Ponzi Scheme proceeds and she not only forks over the jewelry but alot of everything else.Move on Mrs.R before you get bitten right in the ass.Again for diamonds,watches,etc.And I'm sure some friend or whatever is staching the good stuff but be careful because if this is indeed true your so called friends could be indicted also,forfeit the bling along with a charge to conspire to defraund the Gov't and your little friend say would be looking at 10 years in the pokey-nice friend you are Kim-

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She is only 12 years less greedy than her husband. There is no evidence either of them feel any remorse.

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