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Wife of Rothstein law partner: Ferrari gift was bizarre

The wife of Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein’s former law partner Stuart Rosenfeldt gave sworn testimony earlier this month that she was unaware of her husband’s financial dealings.

Suzanne Rosenfeldt said she never saw 2008 tax documents that showed her husband pulled down $29.5 million in income and didn’t know some political contributions had been made in her name. She said she didn’t even know where her husband did his banking, according to court documents.

She did acknowledge she thought that it was bizarre that Rothstein gave her husband a Ferrari as a gift.

Suzanne Rosenfeldt sat down July 7 with attorneys handling the massive bankruptcy case resulting from the fallout of Rothstein’s $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme. She gave a three-hour deposition, oftentimes declining to answer questions, citing marital privilege.

The trustee for the bankrupt Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm is suing the couple, alleging Stuart Rosenfeldt received more than $9 million in compensation he wasn’t entitled to, including $1 million in credit card charges covered by the law firm.

Suzanne Rosenfeldt defended her husband, saying he did not launder money for the Ponzi scheme.

“I don’t believe it now and it never occurred to me then, never occurred to me,” she said.

She said she thought the law firm was successful.

When bankruptcy attorney Charles Lichtman asked her if she felt her husband had been truthful with her about his finances, Suzanne Rosenfeldt answered: “There’s certainly a lot I didn’t know.”

Lichtman further pressed her on if she intentionally ignored her husband’s newfound wealth.

“Was that willful on your part that you just turned your head the other way, that you have the use of a firm American Express card, have this big Mercedes, have this boat…all at about the same time?” Lichtman asked.

Suzanne Rosenfeldt responded: “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say.”

“I think you just did,” Lichtman said.

When Stuart Rosenfeldt sat down for his deposition this month, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination more than 700 times, according to a transcript. He didn’t respond to any questions related to Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme.

Rothstein was sentenced last month to 50 years in prison for the largest financial fraud in South Florida history.

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Guilty, lock em all up!

no one gives the fifth 700 times unless they are guilty and want to force someone to prove it...Rothsteen best have ratted this guy out.

Typical SFL wife of the "rich"...we don't care WHERE THE MONEY COMES long as we can spend it!!!

Anyone who invokes the 5th ONCE is guilty.

ow, the sun sentinel is still very much in love with the rothstein's and everything related to tea parties where all the right wing conniving thieves gather.

One lies to it, the other swears to it !!!

One lies to it , the other swears to it !!!

How can she defend him when she claims to know nothing about him. She's trying to make everyone think she is clueless. Her proper response would not have been to defend him and act like she didn't know anything she should have been aghast at what he's done if she was truly clueless and said I'm sorry I am too shocked to make any comment. Too late. She done told on herself. LOL

It is my personal opinion that the wives of these crooks go to jail as well. You have to be very corrupt to turn a blind eye to where your husband gets his money. You are just as guilty in my book. A good wife keeps her husband on the straight and narrow.

Thank God for Rothestein and all them. I was hoping for a hurricane now you says it might not even rain. I need a job. Can I get a job guarding this woman's home? What if someone steal the Ferrari?

It's a conspiracy....first our money....than our hot blondes.....

I was just reading this article and have never commented before. But when I read the comments about jewish people, I had to write. I find it hard to believe that there is still such prejudice in todays world. This person who wrote this comment probably has some insecurities about his or her self. Being greedy, rude, obnoxious, mean and nasty has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with a person making up for insecurities and Rendition Jones just proved that

Maybe she should hook up with Mel Gibson.

Post a Scam to Warn Others all over the Internet!!

There are good and bad in every society; but I've experienced the "She is jewish, she doesn't care where the money came from, and how many lives were ruined. ... thinks she is entitled, ...they are - GREEDY, RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, Mean, Nasty, just disgusting." Imagine my ex-boss making $500K+ p.a. & didn't pay $4.96 for tea

Sad that such a bunch of anti-Semitic morons live in South Florida. There are good and bad people of all persuasions. I suspect the anti-Semites are frustrated and unsuccessful losers. If they want to view life with a little balance, check out the number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners. Oh, and I forgot, Jesus was a Jew!

Sun-Sentinel has sunk to a new low allowing this anti-semitic and racial remarks. Just fyi: Suzanne is not Jewish -- not that it has anything to do with the story. Disgusting coward bloggers.

Perhaps the wife can asked the following: Do you think your husband is guilty after he tried unsuccessfully to end his life? (Don't bs me now, say the truth woman)

Yeah, she may have made some mistakes and turned a blind eye to the money that her husband was making but none of you know her or her families lifestyle. Reading these articles and rallying up against them like a bunch of blind sheep isn't going to get anyone very far. And attributing their faults to being Jewish is simply juvenile. Take a step back and get your facts straight before you believe anything a single, word count hungry, journalist tells you.

first question that comes to mind is where's the money Att.Rosenfeldt? The Gov't and lets call them the bill collectors are not going away. fess up and give them (the money) what they want and they will go away.

lock her up ..she is a typical sofla goldigging w@#re

It is entirely possible that his wife did not know much or did not know the full details. I think it's pretty common that where you have a spouse that isn't necessarily financially literate or is a stay-at-home type, they don't "follow" all of the finances. Seriously, as long as the bills are being paid and there is no overt illegal activity in front of the spouse's eyes, they may never ask a lot of questions. Perhaps that's good and perhaps that's bad. However, it's not necessarily illegal.

As a consultant, I work on a billable hour basis. My wife has never filtered through my client billing records. Of course, she has to sign the joint tax returns.

Thus, I really don't think we should jump to conclusions.

Rosenfedlt asserted his fifth ammendment right privelege 700 times, should not come as a surprise, since he was at the epicenter of the whole ponzi scheme. Whether or not he was a willing participant or an ignorant fool who knew nothing, what he says in a civil proceeding could implicate and possibly incriminate him in the criminal proceedings. Why would anyone knowingly incriminate themselves? The privilege is there and it is his constitutional right to assert it. You people need to respect the constitution.

Yeah, Ok...she knew NOTHING but how to spend all of Stuarts' cash and drive the fancy cars and attend all the parties. You people are so freaking naive to think for one minute she didn't know anything and yes, it's his fifth amendment right and he used it because he KNEW he would be prosecuted for any and all incriminating statements. He will be charged with something, but, the Victim's will never see a dime of their money that they lost. But, for anyone to receive the interest and cash the investors received was ridiculous and they all deserve what they got...lost millions......and their life savings.

I agree with L. Adam. I don't think there are many people out there that could truly say they know exactly how, when and why their spouse makes their money. Yes, you may know they make $X every week or every two weeks, but do you really know what they are doing to make money? Perhaps it is an accountant... Do you go through every file and make sure it is accurate and no mistakes are made? The answer is no. If we questioned every little thing our spouses did, we would be divorced.

While their lifestyle may have changed over the years, usually the longer someone is in business, the more successful they become and therefore their lifestyle would change. That's just the "normal" sequence.

It is very likely she didn't know what was going on. Afterall, they didn't move to a big fancy home or buy fancy cars. Anything that was given to them from Scott was a hand me down and was given to the feds as soon as questions were raised.

The people making out the best from all of this are the bankruptcy attorneys. In just 15 weeks, the bills for the attorneys are more than $2 Million.
That is just through last January! And besides, it looks like even some of the attorneys are crooked!

One of the bankruptcy attorneys was on Meth, Ecstacy and Speed... Maybe this is where they go to support their expensive habits. They prey on victims and take their money too!

I really enjoyed reading this article.Thanks.Excellent information here. This interesting post made me smile. Maybe if you throw in a couple of pics it will make the whole thing more interesting.

Has anyone looked into CT own Kostin and Ruffkess Joe Sparveri. Being involved in a ponzi scheme in FL. The Rothstein deal.

Also has been sued in FL Broward county case CACE10042329 He sold these investments to clients who lost a bunch of money. Not very good business if you ask me.

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