I'm all smiles posing with the legendary Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President of the Children's Defense Fund

I attended the Children's Defense Fund Annual Beating the Odds Dinner on Thursday, March 13. It was not the first time I have attended the Beating the Odds Celebration, but each time I attend the event I become even more motivated to fight for the rights of children.

The evening was filled with tears as we heard the stories of young people who faced insurmountable odds and found ways to rise above all of their circumstances. Many of them could not make it through their acceptance speeches without being overcome with emotion. Each of the student’s stories was unique but all of them were very touching. They ranged from a young lady whose mother attempted to sell her for drugs to another student who was a refugee from Somalia.

All of the Beating the Odds Honorees received a $10,000 scholarship, $1,000 scholarship from the Community of Faith, wireless laptop and backpack from HEB, Roundtrip Airline tickets from Continental Airlines, outfits plus $100 gift card from Macys, $250 gift card from HEB and Fossil Watches from Fossil. To top it all off HEB also donated laptop computers and gift cards to all 17 finalists! www.cdftexas.org

Beating the Odds Honoree Brandon Gassaway and his younger sister

Beating the Odds Honorees Susan Castillo and Fatima Kassim

Beating the Odds Honoree Petra Villegas (center) poses with her parents

Mrs. and Mr. Dwight Boykins

Sharon Michael Owens and Ms. Chag


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