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Cartoon caption contest!!!

Here it is, Folks... a brand-new feature! The Official Lowe-Down Cartoon Caption Contest! Tell your friends!

I will leave the following cartoon up for two weeks while you scour your imaginations to come up with the most riveting, eye-popping caption to complete the visual thought I have presented. Post your entries as comments to the blog, so that everybody can see them. There is no limit to entries. At the end of the two-week period, a blue-ribbon panel of seasoned, vetted experts, consisting of myself and my editor, the learned Antonio Fins, will determine the top three captions. These will then be released on the blog and submitted to a Vote of the People to determine who shall win the Grand Prize.

The winner shall receive an Official Lowe-Down T-shirt. In addition, I will hand-letter the winning caption onto the cartoon, which will be reprinted (with credit to the author) on the Sun-Sentinel's Op-Ed Page and, of course, posted on the Lowe-Down.

Whaddaya say, all you frustrated cartoonists out there? Think you're up to the challenge?

Remember you must leave a real email address, so I can get back to you when you win. Any obscene or offensive postings will be disqualified and taken down.



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Ever since you told Harry that your piece of mind has been destroyed by oil, He's spent every chance he gets at the pump!

Remeber the days when gas was Cheaper Than a cell phone bill?

He NEVER listens to ME...........
I told him not to buy this guzzler!

I had to give up my botox just so Irv could buy gas to get to work. What has the world come to?

911? He said something about another Lowe cartoon, couldn't stand any more and was going to take gas. Isn't there a cheaper way to go?

I think my hubby is taking the whole idea of being held hostage by the gas pump a little too literally...

Well, the gas is cheaper than our mortgage and after they froze our equity line, we had no choice but to move into the car.

Harry stops by the pump daily to gas his head up before i drain it out AGAIN!

Timmy, where in the car you said you put the matches?

FINALLY! Bottled water is cheaper than gas!

Yeah Ralph...enjoy that last look at the pump. I'm glad we're on our way to pick up our new battery-powered Phoenix SUV. Goodbye GUZLR!

Go ahead and pull the trigger, Ralph.

I keep telling you the V-8 commercial was for a drink; not an SUV!

Hiya Rita, we're at the gas station...yeah, we'll be there soon but Ralph has to wait for the numbers to stop spinning before he can start pumping.

Hello! Merrill Lynch?

Marcia? Your dad is spending your inheritance...

Hello police? I'd like to report an attempted suicide and a highway robbery.

Mom, you were right, I should have married the gas station owner!

Yeah, Phyllis...Ralph has been experiencing problems with gas ever since we bought this beast...thank goodness it wasn't from my cooking!

"No...No...No...I said 'fill her up' not 'use your best judgement'!!!

Hullo Timothy, I thought he was over those silly head trips.

Hullo docta, the Viagra didn't work. He needs higher octane.

Hullo Ma, don't hold dinner, Irving is testing his MPG again.

What can I do...he thinks MPG means Man Pushing Gasguzzler.

i keep telling him osmosis won't fill up the tank

911, My husband just saw the price of gas at the pump, and put the nozzel to his head.

Gas is going to be the death of him. Oh well, it might just be cheaper to pay for the funeral then fill up this car!

Time to fill up his think tank.

Hello FBI? We found Public Enemy #1.

Chan? Yeah I was wondering if I can have my job back? Bill just spent our retirement, Can I start Monday?


And to think we thought a cross country trip was cheaper than going to Europe...

Mom, I told him already we weren't going to spend the night.

.....Mr. Chavez ??....I give up, "I'll start pressing 2 for spanish.

But the car looked so cute on the Techron commercial.

... "I told him to "FILL it" but like everything else..."It's UN-LEADED"

...Can you hear me NOW ?

...I told him he could hear the ocean if he put it up to his ear...

hello, Poison Center?
we're having this argument on when a person has been cheating on his wife, and the wife wants to hypothetically do away with him ...with gasoline..
and wanted him to REALLY
suffer..would she give him
high test or unleaded,
and how long would it take for each...we're having a
hypothetical you
there an antidote if he
signs the, I
can't call back...OH GOD, IS THAT YOU MARTHA.??
NO, this isn't me - you
have a wrong number..

Ok,Lets see what the lucky numbers are today,they just keep on spinning!

That's right mom, leather, sunroof, real roomy, and the salesman said we would get 19 gallons to the mile......

While on their way to the plastic surgeon- Jill has a dilemma...

Hello Doctor Rey, my husband says if he fills the gas tank, I can only get one Boob done...Tell me, does it look better on the left or right?

Oh he's not serious....He can't afford it!

Hey Sis, gas prices finally pushed Frank over the edge, he's lost it. He has the pump to his head. Come get me now. I'll call 911 after we leave. I'm not getting stuck with that bill.

..."Hello sweetheart" it's me....your the car...right next to you.......remember....."Filler' Up"

"Honey, check the paper for the winning lottery numbers; we need to fill up the SUV"

"Honey, check the paper for the winning lottery numbers; we need to fill up the SUV"

Clarence never was very good at higher math.

We were hoping that if we used the cell phone at the gas pump, it would create a spark and just end our misery now.

thats right mary, harry said the high gas prices are really starting to get into his head.

He is hearing ringtones coming out of the gas pump again.................. Its the price that is making him delirious.

Here is what she is saying: "Chan, put the gun down. You'll get another job! Just be thankful that there was a paper so bereft of intelligence that your mediocre 'humor' had a buyer! Thankfully, there are nothing but liberals in editor's positions, so you should not even need a tank of gas to get there!"

Go ahead Jimmy, Pull the trigger, beat the terrorist to the punch. We are victims of other people's choices.

At least we enjoyed all those years of cheap gas without taxes, and bugging the Car companies to waste money increasing efficies!!
That Savings Allowed us to buy a War!!
Detroit didn't survive and neither will Ralph's Wallet!!

Harriet, we're gonna be a little late. Marv is "held- up" right now on the gas line.

"We’re done with the DNA test. Thank goodness Earl still has some hair left… now it’s asking for a reference, so we gave them your name…"

Maybe I should wait until elections...

Make sure you get a dollar back from that Hundred dollar bill so we have money for the toll..

He thinks we're in Vegas. He's warmed up the machine and said, "it's ready to hit!"

Hello 911, My husband is been robbed at gas pump point!!!

Hello? Hello? Is George Bush in there? Is he happy with how he screwed up the economy? Where is Osama now? Hey, Neo-cons, have you made all the money you need yet? The hell with Halliburton, KBR and all of Cheney's friends!

George W. Bush is the worst president in US history! I hope he takes the gas pipe!

My husband Schloimy is receiving messages from the Gas People of the Planet Zorgon again! They say that if we will only vote for McCain, we can all go up in flames and then they can take over the remains of Earth and make a park for their pets.

Hello, I.R.S.? Any chance we can get that refund now?

We’re done with the DNA test. Thank goodness Earl still has some hair left… oh, it also asked for a reference, so we gave them your name…

I don't know...he said something to the pump and now he has the nozzle to his ear.

I don't know...he said something to the pump and now he has the nozzle to his ear.

He said he paid for that last drop and he won't leave till he gets it.

ohh sara he's thinkin again.gas or toilet paper.

ohh sara he's thinkin again.gas or toilet paper.

hey honey don't let the gas go to your head.

Gracie! Fred can't figure out why the numbers in the window on the gas pump match the numbers in our 30-year old savings account! He thinks he won the lottery!

iam i the 100th caller?

for regular press 1
for special press 2
for super press 3
if you just spent your whole check (please hold)

I've told your mother time and again, you can't afford to blow your brains out with premium idiot,,,,,there is none left.

So simple, even a caveman could do it. But there's never a caveman around when you need one.

I'm so lucky I married a man with a huge carbon footprint!!

What do you mean you can't respond cause the price of fuel is to high?

Hello Police?
I think you need to come because my husband has gone over the edge...He thinks he can convert the grease in his hair into gasoline for the SUV...

Mildred, I wanted a hybrid but Mr "Gas will will be $.50 a gallon when we win the war in Iraq" just wouldn't listen.

Yeah I do love our new XL, Harry's just trying whether he wants to give up his arm or his leg right now!

..This is has to be our last ladies night together.Gas is so high I will have to stay home with Frank from now on.

Hello Myrtle? Irving is right, you can hear OPEC laughing at us when we,re at the pump.

Hi Jane! We're ar the gas station spending our stimulus check.

" Oh, Hi Mary! Yes , we just got back from our trip. South America was great! You should see Gary right now at the pump, he's trying to channel Chavez! "

" Oh, Hi Mary! Yes , we just got back from our trip. South America was great! You should see Gary right now at the pump, he's trying to channel Chavez! "

Hey Mom, save us some dinner. ("why") Dinner and a movie is out, we had to stop for gas.

In a minute Barbara, he's on a conference call with OPEC.

Ha HA Ha, I told you not to vote republican.

Hello. Visa. I would like to get an increase to our credit line. Yes, we are buying gasoline.

Hello, Mr. JMR, we want to make an appointment to test drive that hybrid.

Hello. Mr. Stephanopulous, forget flag pins and Bosnia, can you ask them about gasoline prices?

"....So I told him, forget the expensive dinner. Fill my gas tank and then we can back to your place. I hope he doesn't choose suicide like the last one."

Hi Flo... Bert is just checking to make sure his CT scan is "normal"

"Mom, listen I have to hang up Harrold is is having those unbearable gas pains again..."

Dr. Kevorkian said this was the best solution. Do you know of anything cheaper?

".... hang on a minute Marge, John is trying to use his subconscious mind power to change the prices at the pump again."

"For crying out loud... here we go again, can't he just pull the trigger and get it over with..."


Hello Mom?

I think, Jake is about to propose. He is filling his tank with fuel rith now.

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said if I didn't stop talking he was going to use super...............

no mom thats regular, super is 93.............
No mom it does not cost 93 cents that was 30 years ago.........

OH GOD!!!!

Honey pull the trigger but please save some for me!!!!

In a minute Barbara, he's on a conference call with OPEC.

Barbara, he said he'd pump his brains out if the prices got out of hand.

Hang on Jenna, your dad is on a conference call with OPEC.

Out of gas!
Out of minutes!
Out of money!
Out of my head!

These gas prices are going to blow my mind.

If these gas prices keep going up, Iam going to take my self out.

Hello can you hear me now, I don't think my husband can take another gas hike.

"Hello triple A, We've just decideded that it's going to be cheaper if you tow us to California."

"You were right Mother, the macho big shot is definetly hummering a different tune now."

Honey mom & dad can't make you briefest today we have to buy gas to go to work

Honey, the bank says our accounts are empty and our cards are maxed out!

You better pay with an arm and a leg...

Hello, Property Appraiser?

Does the homestead exemption apply to vehicles?

It's taking a little longer to get everywhere, but by driving only on the highway, we're up to 17 miles per gallon!

oil filter $5.00
5 qts of oil $10.00
full tank of gas PRICELESS

(Gas prices are up to 10 human pounds per gallon), The bad news is I will be 30 min late to the office today. But the good news is the way Ralph's been eating I wont have a problem getting to work all week!!

Horton hears cheaper gas prices!

Hey honey! Remember: It's the price when we STARTED pumping, not the price when you finish that you pay!

He said he's gonna do it!! What should I do now???
......Don't worry lady, its unleaded.

Hi Mom, it's Laura, George is busy getting a Think Tank together...



He is:
Out of gas!
Out of minutes!
Out of money!
Out of his head!

This bio-fuel is great! you can fill up the tank and our stomach in one shot!

Yes! Ever since our cell phone company gave us the talk all you want plan he has been trying to get the drive all you want plan with the gas companies but it does not seem to be working out too well!

First he said we can't call long distance!

Then he said we can't drive long distance!

Now he has got the crazy idea that if we don't call or drive long distance at the same time we can save even more money!

these crazy gas prices just blow your mind


poor thing; over weight
over worked,under paid
over gased any more and he'll explode

Yeah, it's expensive. But how else do you expect us to haul all those bags of rice we've been collecting from area Costco's?

...I know! It's a must have. Beverly just got the new H4 and it is twice the size of an H2. I have been nagging him for days to get me one. Wait, hang on a second--Charles is asking for a match.


It Is Getting To The Point Where It Is More Expensive To Drive Now Then It Was To Talk On A Cell Phone Way Back Then! You Know When The Cell Phones Were Over Two Dollars Per Minute And Were The Size Of Gas Pumps!

Not the hi-test, Harold!

Hello! Mom! We're gonna' save 15.00 bucks again!
Dad's visualizing a
lower price at the gas pump again! Do you think it's legal?

Mom! You always taught me to say
"Whoosh!" and then my troubles would go away!
Well, at this very moment Dad is about to "Whoosh!" the high prices at the gas pump away!

Hi Nancy,
He's callin Howard Dean about that promise to lower Prices in the first hundred days!!!

I tell you the secret to lower prices at the gas pump is to visualize lower prices at the gas pump!
My Dad and I now have it down to $.25 a gallon as I speak!

I added some other captions for your cartoon but i made a mistake because i thought the passenger in the car was the man's son since to me he looked like a guy with long hair or "hippy" but now i think the passenger is the wife of the man at the pump so I have to rewrite my captions. from G.G. Faircloth

The solution to lower prices at the gas pump is to visualize lower prices at the gas pump! Harry has it down to $.25 a gallon, as I speak!

Mom! You always taught me to say "Whoosh!" and then my troubles would go away!
Well, Harry is taking it a step too far today! He's about to "Whoosh!" himself and the high prices at the gas pump away!

Hello! Guess what! My husband's saving fifteen bucks on gas today because he's visualizing a lower price at the gas pump again! Do you think that's legal?

Since reading "The Secret" my husband has gotten into visualzing.....especially for lower prices at the gas pump!

My husband heard on the news that President Bush said that visualizing is important to do! So now he visualizes a lower price at the gas pump every time he fills up and he's saving bundles of bucks!


"...Sure it's expensive,Sue, but now that we're homeless, it's cheaper than rent!"

Stanley is unavailable at the moment. He'll get back to you once he's done trying to commit suicide with the gas pump, again.

Government Assisted Suicide

"911...Help I need a Hostage Negotiator."

"911...Help I need a Hostage Negotiator."

"911...Help I need a Hostage Negotiator."

The SUV does use a lot of gas, but at least it soothes Harry to listen to "the ocean" in the gas nozzle after a fill-up.

Irv wanted to "Ride It Like A Ford", but he just found out he has to "Spend It Like A Rockefeller"

For those about to pump ... we SALUTE you!!!

Herb *used* to ramble on about how the oil companies were gouging us, but he's settled down since his bi-weekly Exxon "mind-melding" sessions ...

Darn - Just missed your new
deadline. I'll try the next one.
Response rate indicates there are
more informed people than I
thought out there. I hope they

Oh - I'm so sorry I missed it! I thought the two week period started on April 20th (the date shown as the posted date on this notice!

Rory you are right about the gas prices. Get a Hybird car. Is your dad Jerry Kaiser? Give me a call at 1-800-959-3921. Joseph Shereef

Does it sound better than sea shells?

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