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The McClellan Apostasy


What's interesting about the White House's coordinated response to the kiss-and-tell by Scott McClellan is that the inner circle is focusing on his disloyalty and base motives for writing the book, rather than attacking its accuracy. I guess you go with your strengths.

Washington protocol has always held that the rats only desert the ship once it has sunk. McClellan seems to be getting a head start, maybe because he knows that a coming torrent of post-Bushian curtain-lifters will dilute the market for the genre. Let the book deals begin!

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Right on. Both in picture and in commentary. It will interesting to watch the torrent of 'turncoats' once Bush is officially out of the White House.

Arlington National Cemetery is a sacred place.

You show a total lack of class by using it as a backdrop so that you can take another political cheapshot.

Sorry, Mike:
Arlington IS the point, not a cheap shot. The liar-in-chief has filled his share of that sacred ground with the lives he sacrificed for OIL.
I find it interesting, not surprising, that EVERY single former admin staff or appointee (10 -20 so far)who left and "told-all" is called disgruntled or sour grapes, but when they were inside, they were "highly valuable confidants". Funny how when the skirt is lifted, the messenger is the problem, not the information they are sharing.

I doubt anyone thinks McClellan was a very good Press Secretary. His book covered many meeting he did not attend.

But, in the end, the question is why did he write the book. If Tony snow were to write a book, it would be a totally different point of view.

You may remember that the press did not like McClellan while they like Snow.

McClellan has a couple of problems after this book. The first is that no one, but no one will ever trust him. But, the more important one is that either he was lying when he was Press Secretary or he is lying in the book, Either way, he is a liar.

This is David Brock all over again. Now the left is welcoming McClellan with open arms. But, how long will it last? Not long and they sure won't tell him any of their secrets.

Finally, no one is going to take the time to refute his points one by one. There is no purpose in it and McClellan will disappear from the radar in weeks. In the end, this is not a fact based book. It is an opinion book with the opinion calculated to get the most publicity and to sell the most copies.

You will notice the WaPO and NYT declined to even review Feith's book, but they hop right onto McClellan's book. Hmmmmm, I wonder why that is.


Boca Paul:

Arlington IS NOT the point

Have you ever been there??

Attended a funeral with full military honors there??

FYI: My Father,Grandfather, and 2 uncles are buried there. My dad's friend was buried there last week..he fought in WWII,Korea, and VietNam.

You can see the side of the Pentagon the Islamofascists flew the plane into on 9/11.

Using Arlington as a backdrop for another of Lowe's cheap shots at our President is tasteless and is a reflection of what is wrong in America.

I'm sure there would be outrage if someone used a Mosque or the Holocoust Memorial as a dig at Obama.

Maybe the use of an Arlington image is a bit tasteless but sometimes that's what's required to make the point. While we can argue McClellan's motivation and actual knowledge of events. There are over 4,000 US Service Men and Women that will never be heard on the subject. Almost 40,000 Soldiers who's voices are muted in pain and injury, struggling for treatment and relief that should have been lavished upon them. There are also many 100,000's of Iraqi civilians dead and injured that merely had the misfortune to live in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of these people will be adequately heard from on the subject. So if every member of Bush's Administration wants to "tell all", whether to soothe their conscious, redeem their soul or merely to make money while pushing a past President and his top "people" under the wheels of an oncoming National and International search for truth, justice, punishment and the restoration of Our Great Country. Then I say...let the torrent begin. For too long, those that knew and should have spoken up remained silent. Those that should have questioned, didn't. Those that should have had the courage to say NO...said YES or worse said nothing at all. For too long Americans of every description, every political, religious, social and racial variation have voluntarily "dumbed" themselves down or been pushed down by a Government and Corporate system that only tolerates and accepts compliance and blind obedience all in the name of Patriotism, Loyalty Religious Fanaticism. Only small people and minds are afraid of big ideas and the truth!!!

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