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Campaign 2008, Barack Obama, and Public Campaign Financing


A new kind of politics. Yes, we can. Change We Can Believe In. In the end, it's the same old story--it' all about the Benjamins. It was a smart move for the Obama campaign to renege on the pledge now. Considering the short memory span of the American people, this will all be obscured by the mists of history come November.

It's hardly a sexy enough topic for the Republicans to keep bringing up...they'd do the same if they thought it would benefit them. Still, it's time the Obamaphiles took off the rose-colored spectacles.

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I wonder how many people will get this.

He lied! Plain and simple. His garb about cleaning up election financing so the winner isn't determined by how much money a candidate can raise was just more hogwash to pull the wool over the eyes of the people that really want change in politics. He's, once again, revealing his true nature. I'm sure his supporters will ignore this, just as they ignore his association with racists (Wright, Farakan, soon to be, Akmanidinijad(sp)) and convicted felon (William Ayers). His level of support reveals the plummeting level of this nations IQ. The headline to this article should have read,"Obama Hoodwinks the Public Again Concerning Campaign Finance Reform". By the way, I also think McCain is lying and flip-flopping on issues, just so he can get more votes. Too bad neither main stream party can produce a candidate with the kind of character and integrity that could ignite real change instead, what we get is the usual lip service while issues that should be addressed continue to worsen- social security, energy, medicare, health insurance, inflation, worldwide terror, and on and on. I believe the message of "change" that Obama speaks of and it looks like, for the worse! It's got a head start- citizenship rights for terrorist, homosexuals getting married, congress sacking the treasury, etc.

Perhaps this is as much a commentary on where this country is, not just where Obama is coming from. Political campaigns are simply a media fight, where association with those perceived as racially biased blacks is portrayed as a threat, while other racially biased folk are 'elder statesmen' (with whom who nearly everybody is associated). While politics may be the same, the whole Democratic Party primary was about real change, as 2 candidates who wouldn't have been seriously considered 25 years ago fought it out for the nomination.

If this is your definition of a "lie" then I suggest you find an even BIGGER term than that to start describing McCain's falsehoods that he tries to pass-off to us as truth. Besides, isn't it FAR worse that McCain has actually already BROKEN THE LAW in his "use" of the campaign finance system during the primaries, than Obama changing his mind and changing course (without breaking any laws or even coming close to any impropriety)? Gimme a break!

This is just oine of many of Bam Bams lies and there r more and more to come. He preaches what the naive public wants to hear and they drink the Obama kool aid and follow this Pied Piper blindly. Associations with terrorists and racists and a whole assortment of villains doesnt seem to turn off the average voter. How sad t that we have come down to this. This is the best the country can offer ? I Doubt it.. Americans are following this clown and he may even become the nominee in August unless another one of his dirty scandals emerges. Trust me it will. He is not what he seems. He will say and do whatever it takes to become President. He will step n people, lie and con the publicwith his chants of change. But it really is nothing new. Hes following the same old rules and he is a big part of the Washington scene that he criticizes. Wake up to this con man America- we can do BETTER than this !!!

Creative! The beginning of the exposure of the real Obama. The "Elmer Gantry" Obama. The Chicago Obama! The "say-anything that works" Obama. Whether it's Jeruselum or election financingl. Say what works and see if you can continue fool the American People.

Creative! The beginning of the exposure of the real Obama. The "Elmer Gantry" Obama. The Chicago Obama! The "say-anything that works" Obama. Whether it's Jeruselum or election financingl. Say what works and see if you can continue fool the American People.

If Obama really wants change then he should do this: First - cut all congressional leaders paychecks to something that is in line for the average american, like to $40k. Then get rid of their private insurance group plan and make them take an average American's health plan and get rid of their $150k a year pension plan that they get if they are in office for only 3 months. Now sit back and watch how quickly they figure out how to run a government now that they are in our shoes. Until you do this Obama, your change is just empty words and Chan, please write some cartoons suggesting this.

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